Moving in

Emily and Rose stood in front of a large house. It was so large that 4 of the orphanages Emily came from could fit in it easily. In front of the house was a big yard, which had a pond, flowerbeds, and a healthy green lawn. The pond was quite big, it was half the size of the yard. Leading to the entrance was a path that grew over the pond and made a bridge. In the pond, fishes of all colours met the new visitor. A gardener waved at Rose, she waved back, excited. Emily just stared.

"Do you live here?" Emily blurted, mouth open in surprise.

"Yes, come on! I've got so much to show you." Rose replied.

"Uh, ok...."Emily was dragged to the front door by Rose.

The butler opened the door for her and the two girls, hand in hand, skipped into the house/mansion. The hall was grand. A staircase ran up the wall, and a woman in a big kitchen could be seen making delicious pastry. The floor was marble, but only in the hall and the kitchen. For the corridors and rooms were covered with carpet and polished wood, except for the kitchen. The sitting room was cosy and the furniture and displays were beautiful. Rose put Hope down, and it pawed its way upstairs.

(ummm.....i am in need of inspiration...and soo this chapter is yet to be finished.....>_<)

The End

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