Emily returned to her dormitory. She shared a room with 9 other girls of her age. 5 bunk beds, and just enough space to walk from one end of the room to the other. She was alone. The rest of her dorm-mates were outside playing, or trying to pinch a bit of food here and there. Emily could still remember the pale girl, her shy face, she was sure they would be great friends if it wasn't for the....economy issues. She could see that green ribbon in her soft hands (unlike her rough dirty hands), and the kitten. The kitten did belong to her, she looked like a person who would own such a sweet kitten, unlike the kittens here, who ran away at the first chance.

"Excuse me!" Suddenly, the pale girl appeared at the door, knocking gently at the wood, she held the kitten. "Hello. My name is Rose, may I come in?"

"Um....sure!" Emily replied. Rose held out Hope for Emily to hold. Emily held the kitten in her hands, smiling as she heard it purr when she stroked it.

"I hope you understand," Rose began, "I don't have any siblings in my family. My mother is not willing to have another child. So, they wanted me to have a......a playmate. Someone who I know I can trust in, who I can spend time with and.....I was wondering if you would like to leave the orphanage and come and live with me."

Emily froze, to leave this place? Of course! She didn't have much friends anyway, they all thought she was awkward and weird. They knew that she just didn't fit in. Who would've thought that she'd be the one that the rich girl chose? No, she thought, not the rich girl, she has a name - Rose. Rose was a pretty name, of gentleness and beauty. Emily smiled as she thought of what could happen if she moved out. She would have her own bed, her own bedroom, her own clothes - not shared with other girls - and she'd never need to make the other girls beds because it was her rota.

"Well...well. I....thatt...that would be ....just great!" Emily stuttered.

"Are you ready Rose? Got Emily with you? We are just about to leave. Is everything okay?" A woman entered the room. She had her brown hair up, and wore a brown skirt with a cream poncho and her eyes sparkled with kindness.  "Oh hello Emily! I'm Juliet, Rose's mother. I hope you will come with us, it would be great to have another girl in the house with us."

"Yeah...sure...I'll just...pack." Emily said, I don't have a suitcase, she thought, but then, I don't have anything here that belongs with me either. Emily picked up a picture of her parents, the old striped stockings, her trusty teddy bear and, handing over Hope over to Rose, she stood up and walked to her new life.

The End

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