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The girl pulled the skywing up and brought it alongside a platform that acted as a holding bay, she pressed the button on the steering wheels causing the wings to pop shut, the machine hummed quietly to its self as the girl pulled down her goggles and pulled her scarf out of her overalls, where she had tucked it in prior to getting on her skywing.  She hopped off and lifted the seat, reaching in and grabbing out what looked like a black bracelet with a couple of glowing red lines along it which she tucked into one of her pockets. She held out a hand for Piqu to hop onto and placed the small bird on her scarf where it found a safe place to snuggle down in and observe the world around them. She finally stepped back from the skywing, putting the seat back down, she watched as the skywing brought up a screen that moved from the front and clicked shut at the back making sure that no one could steal it, after all this part of the sky was… well rough.

The girl made her way towards the bar; she could hear the music now and saw groups of people waiting to be allowed in. She walked up to the bouncer, a monster of a man whose face was hidden under a hood that cast a deep shadow across his features, he was heavily muscled and towered above all those who were waiting by the doors. Even though it was called a bar it was more like a club, the girl moved past those who were waiting in line, ignoring the various cries of complaint. She moved to stand in front of the bouncer, who pushed out a thick, meaty arm, preventing her from getting past,

‘Sorry Skyiamlansa, you know the rules, can’t let ye pas’ lookin’ like that.’ The bouncer looked the girl, Skyiamlansa, up and down obviously meaning the slightly charred overalls.

‘Oh come on Orelo, I’m just here to give Namuin an update.’ Skyiamlansa said, hoping that he’d let her by but Orelo just shook his head and shrugged his shoulders.

‘Ye know the rules. No suit, no entrance.’ Skyiamlansa frowned and hissed,

‘Fine, I’ll go change!’ She moved away from the door and off to one of the public toilets, which were, to say the least, very unpleasant. Skyiamlansa tried not to gag as the smell of them hit her delicate nose,

‘Ahh I’m so glad that I don’t have a nose.’ Piqu brought up pleasantly,

‘Can it Piqu.’ Skyiamlansa said irritably, she placed the bird on the side and walked into one of the cubicles. She pulled the bracelet out of her pocket and removed her overalls and took her scarf off. She was now just wearing a t-shirt and tight fitting shorts. She untied her hair and let it fall around her shoulders. She then pressed her bracelet and it clicked open, placing it on her wrist she watched as it clicked shut. Next the bracelet expanded, black material wrapped around her body. She was now wearing a black suit that hung tightly to her body. It left one of her shoulders bare while covering her other arm completely, the material went all the way up her neck. It then continued down to her lower body where it stopped suddenly, just above her knee only to continue just below it, this time being baggier. Skyiamlansa bent down and buckled the bottom half of her costume up to the part that was just above her knee. She wrapped her scarf back round her neck and folded her overalls up neatly and then walked out of the cubicle. Walking up to the mirrors Skyiamlansa looked at her reflection, the suit was black however around her chest it was red and along her sides ran two red strips. She studied her face and pulled a face at her reflection, she began running her fingers through her hair, trying to untangle the knots. She splashed some water on her face and dried it with a paper towel.  Sighing she turned to Piqu and said,

‘Well, how do I look?’ Piqu looked at Skyiamlansa, cocking his head slightly before answering,

‘I feel somewhat inadequate to answer that question considering that I am a mechanical bird and I do not understand the concept of covering one’s self up-‘

‘Just answer the question.’ Skyiamlansa interrupted.

Piqu stared at Skyiamlansa for a while before saying, ‘Well I believe the correct term would be that you look beautiful.’ Skyiamlansa sighed saying,

‘Such a charmer as always, come on,’ Skyiamlansa held out her hand and place Piqu on her scarf again. She turned back to the mirror and fiddled with her hair; the stands flicked outwards and bounced with her every movement. Finally, satisfied with how she looked, Skyiamlansa left the bathroom and headed back to the entrance of the club.

Orelo gave her a quick look and took a double take, whistling,

‘Whew, ya clean up nice don’ ya. Well go on ahead.’ He nodded towards the door, moving so that Skyiamlansa could get through. The first thing that hit Skyiamlansa the heat from the strobe lighting and then the deafening beat of the music that seemed to reverb through your very body.

Skyiamlansa headed over to the bar, squeezing her way through the sweating mass of bodies that crowded the floor. A number of wolf whistles followed her path and Skyiamlansa could practically feel the eyes on her. Most of the people were wearing black suits similar to Skyiamlansa only with slight alterations. She finally made it to the counter where the leaned casually on the bar, waiting to be served. She looked either side of her, sighing quietly to herself; suddenly a glass appeared in front of her. It was a red drink with a purple and yellow berry placed on the side and a leaf floating on top. She looked up at the bar attender who nodded to a man at the end of the bar,

‘From that man over there’ Skyiamlansa glanced over and saw the man nod to her, smiling. She picked up the drink and waltzed over to the man. He was quite tall and had snow white hair that covered one side of his face. His eyes were a pale blue and slanted downwards slightly; when he smiled Skyiamlansa saw a row of sharp pointed teeth that seem crammed into his mouth. He was a jacket over his suit, the collars turned up; the next noticeable thing was the tail that swished casually behind him, it was black and had silver piercing along it.

‘Well, how’s my favourite little Mechanic.’ The man said, smiling slyly, just like a crocodile before it snapped at you.

‘Namuin, pleasure as always,’ Skyiamlansa replied, trying to stop the venom from dripping in her voice but failing.

Skyiamlansa sipped the drink carefully, eyeing Namuin over her cup trying to gauge what mood he was in. Namuin just stared calmly back, smiling in a not-so-friendly way.

‘Now I’m sure you’re not here to say hi,’ Skyiamlansa twitched slightly but Namuin didn’t notice or at least chose not to react to the gesture. He motioned for Skyiamlansa to follow him and walked through the crowd, people moving out of his way, and headed to one of the back rooms. Once inside he moved over to his desk, sitting down on a high backed chair and waved his hand for Skyiamlansa to close the door. Skyiamlansa was surprised at the sudden silence, the music just a dull murmur through the walls, the silence stretched. Skyiamlansa felt a bead of sweat run down her face and told herself that it was just the heat, still Namuin refused to say a word and Skyiamlansa found that she would have to start the conversation- never a good sign.

(To be continued)

The End

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