Illegal OperationMature

Slowly he poured a drop of liquid into the bowl. It splashed, soaking the powder inside and turning a light blue colour. He scratched his head, and checked the ingredients. All the ones he needed. Maybe the measurements were wrong, but a quick check of the parchment ensured everything was correct. He sighed.


“Stupid thing” he muttered, peering closely. “It never—“


There was a flash, and he blinked, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. He was on the other side of the room, and the bowl was smoking. Groaning, he pushed himself up and vainly tried to rub the soot off of his coat. He coughed, dislodging dust which floated away. Checking over the bowl, he noted a hole in the base, and could see down into the cabinet below.


“Now that’s more like it!” he cheered to himself. A knocking at the door drew his attention, and he stood dumbfounded before calling. “Who is it?”


“Eric Greene?” a monotonous voice called from the other side of the door. “We’d like to ask you some questions”


“Crap.” He muttered, before yelling back “Of course, just give me a minute”


Rushing, he gathered the bowl and ran into the bedroom. Diving under the covers, he retrieved a box, which he opened and placed the bowl inside. Running back, he grabbed a cloth and placed it over the hole. He threw his coat behind an armchair and, composing himself, answered the door. Hastily he stepped out of the way as a large man strode into the room. The dark lenses of his Overwatch mask stared at Eric.


Eric felt like squirming under the unending gaze, and gulped. He averted his eyes.

“Do you… want anything?” he hesitantly asked.


The man stood still, his coat waving in a non-existent breeze.


“Okay… I’ll take that as a no then”.


“We will ask you questions.” The unemotional deep voice shattered the quiet and drilled into Eric’s skull. He nodded, sweating.


“First, what were you doing ten minutes ago?”


Eric’s eyes darted around, before falling on the microwave in the corner. “Cooking”. He felt like smiling. It was a pretty good lie, he felt.


“And what were you really doing?” the monotonous voice asked.


Eric smiled nervously “What do you mean? I was cooking”


“You were not. We have observed your practices. You are to be trialled.” The man reached behind him, drawing a plastic rod from its sheath. He shook it, the end sparking with electricity, and he swung it round at Eric’s head.


Acting unnaturally, to the surprise of the officer and himself, Eric brought his arm up, intercepting the rod and twisting it from the man’s grip. Before he could react, he slammed the rod into the man’s chin, electricity arcing to the nearby furniture. The man grunted, and collapsed. Eric stared wide-eyed at the slumped body, then at his hands, before smirking. He heard a crackling as the suit’s radio kicked into life


“Overwatch reports that Officer Unit 238-Alpha has a negative on vital signs. All nearby officers will report to Block 432 and investigate.”


Eric spun around, looking for any route of escape, before his eyes fell on the window. He ran to it, pulling open the curtains and peering outside. Just under the window he could see a metal pipe, coated in rust but probably still secure. Footsteps could be heard now coming up the stairs. Eric realised he had no choice, and began pulling on the window release. It refused to budge, and he cursed. Stepping back, he scratched his head before remembering the rod, which he retrieved. Keeping out of the way, he closed his eyes and swung, the smashing of glass ringing through the room. He knocked out the sharp edges remaining in the frame and clambered out onto the pipe. It groaned dangerously, but didn’t move. Slowly but surely, he edged his way along the wall. Below him were 40 storeys of air, followed by the road. Gulping, he looked up as he edged along. Banging could be heard from his room, and shouting could be heard as the other officers found their comrade.


The screen mounted above the plaza burst into life. “Overwatch reports that Officer Unit 238-Alpha has been disabled. Sweep initialized. Eradicate suspect.”


“Aww crap” Eric muttered, before quickening his pace along the pipe. He reached the fire escape and ascended the stairs. Reaching the top level, he tried the door. It was locked. Cursing, he attempted to break the door open. Ramming into it with his shoulder, it moved slightly, but still refused to open. Sighing, Eric backed up as far as he could, before running full pelt into the door, which slammed open as he met it. Sprinting down the corridor, clutching his arm and wincing, he made for the roof access. The voice echoed from every wall.


“Overwatch reports that suspect has entered floor 46 of Block 432. All officers are to intercept and eliminate.”


Eric reached the roof access, and sighed in relief as the door opened automatically. Taking the stairs 3 at a time, he was soon standing in the cool breeze, high above the rest of the city. Behind him he could hear the hard, synchronized footsteps of incoming officers. He began running to the next roof before he heard a whistling, growing in intensity. He groaned.


“Overwatch reports that suspect has entered floor 47 of Block 432. Air support has been dispatched. Suspect must be detained under failure to comply with officers.”


“Stop!” the monotonous voice rang loudly on the rooftop. Eric turned slowly, holding his hands up and dropping the electrified rod. It fizzled out. Behind the officer a helicopter rose, gun turret aimed directly at him.


“Well guys, looks like you got me.” Eric smirked. It was fun while it lasted.

The End

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