Blood WatchMature

Two people.
Two different dimensions.
Each sharing the same dream.
A series of events leads to them meeting in the same dimension, completely different from their own.
This dimension is one of three. The three dimensions are; the dimension of magic, the dimension of science and dimension of machines.
Something or SOMEONE has caused them to crosspaths.

The machine rumbled slightly before letting off a cloud of foul smelling gas, a yelp of surprise could be heard from within the seemingly furnace like machine. Sudden a bang could be heard from inside and a hatch at the top burst open after being kicked. The foot went back inside while cursing could be heard from within; the machine was starting to smoke black gas by now and seemed to become alarmingly unhealthy as far as machines went. A soot covered head popped up from out of the hatch and the person who owned the head took in a deep breath of air before coughing violently. Something else whizzed out of the hatch too and started buzzing around the engineers head, a loud mechanical voice could be heard coming from this thing,

“I told you not to punch it! I toooooooold you!!” It suddenly dropped down onto the outside casing of the machine with a loud clack.

The engineer pulled themselves up out of the hatch and jumped down from the machine onto the floor, they were covered in black soot from head to toe and numerous burns could be seen all other their overalls, both old and new. They wore a scarf that was bright green in places but mostly black along with a pair of brownish goggles that were covering their eyes. Their hair was tied back with a bandana but strands of hair hung down the side of their face and a ponytail poked out the back. They were wearing thick gloves one of which seemed to be covered in metal plates and had metal tips. Coughing the person took off they’re goggles with a huff while kicking the machine, the contrast between their black skin that the skin that had been covered was almost comical in a way giving the impression of a racoon but it became clear that the engineer was a female. Her eyes were quite big and were a startling purple, they were outlined with thick lashes and in the corner of each of her eyes were a pair of lines that lead off toward her hair. Underneath her eyes were three darkish dots that seemed to be almost like birth marks. Her face was screwed up as she considered the machine in front of her,

“I don’t know what went wrong” She sighed, pulling off one glove, the thinner of the two, and picking up what looking like a remote from a work desk.

The work shop was a jumble of machinery and tool and seemed to be made mostly of cloth and wood with two curtains at the front acting like a door. The girl pressed a button on the remote and a blue luminous screen came out of one side she started taping away on the screen, continuing the previous statement by saying,

“The Cortex should have worked; I just need to tighten the fuel cap slightly.” She scratched her head in confusion, her goggle hanging round her neck.

“Yeah well I guess it got annoyed because you PUNCHED it!” The mechanical voice piped up again while the previous flying thing tapped along the top of the furnace to peer down at the girl. The thing looked like a mechanical bird by all means, it cocked its head to the side and its eyes focused on the girl.

By now the girl had gotten an old rag and was beginning to clean away most of the black dust that covered her. She had slightly tanned skin and a round almost chubby face. The markings stood out more on her face, her eyes were large and dominated most of her face, they were oval shaped and angled slightly upwards. She had pale lips and her nose was quite close set to her face looking slightly squashed .Her arms were just as tanned as her face and had a couple more markings along them. She pulled off the bandanna; her ears were pointed and stuck out to the sides. She then undid the top half of her overalls and let them hang down; she was wearing a t-shirt underneath. Her hair was a dark reddy-purple colour and was tied back into a short pony tail that spiked up slightly.
The girl shook her head and threw the remote back onto the work desk, the blue screen disappearing, and moved over to the curtains that acted like a door. Noise could be heard outside, loud voice yelling to one another and laughter.

“Come of Piqu. Best go tell Namuin that he won’t be getting his Skygenerator any time soon.” She grimaced slightly, looking a bit worried. The mechanical bird, obviously called Piqu fluttered up almost awkwardly and landed on the girls head.

“Ok but this time you’re not blaming me this time!!” the girl waved her hand dismissing Piqu, stepping outside.

For a moment she was blinded by the light but blinked until the light became manageable. She stood on a platform that seemed to be floating in the sky; in fact it was floating in the sky! There were a number of platforms floating in the sky as well as part of land. Clouds lay both below and above the platforms. It was a whole sky city. The sky was a pale orange with a large sun positioned overhead and a smaller sun placed beside it.

The girl went down some steps and onto a pier like outpost. At the end was a machine that was flying steadily in the sky, humming away to itself,

“I knew it was a good idea to keep the Skywing running.” The girl mused to herself as she jumped on.

She pulled down her goggles and placed Piqu on the control panel in front of her, shielding it from the wind when she was flying. She grabbed the guidance bars and revved the engine. She smiled at the sound; she untied the machine and started moving forward. The machine suddenly dropped, alarmingly, the girl gave a whoop of joy before leaning forward and pushing a button on the steering handles, suddenly a set of wings popped out of the side yanking the machine upwards. It was set with a pair of wings either side, the skin of the wings where made out of a slightly translucent material that had veins running through them, light pulsed through the veins at intervals. On both sides of the machines, slightly behind the girls legs lay things that looked like vents. Air was pushed out of them controlling the speed of the Skywing.

The girl pulled up and headed off to one of the floating islands that seemed to have a sort of bar placed on it. Neon signs twinkled and other Skywings and flying machines were taking off and arriving at the place periodically.  This was the girl’s destination.

The End

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