An Idea is all

It had been ten years since I’ve been here. But now that I’m back to the land of my birth I don’t know what to do with myself. The burning rage, the uncontrollable urge for revenge had been cooled by time and will. Year’s spent training and here I am aimless like the vagabond fate had made me. The monks’ words are true I remember.


I let the sunrise graze me. I try to enjoy this moments, the fight to overcome my body’s urge to fall into sleepless slumber is worth it. If just to enjoy the warmth and light the sun provides. You never know how important something as mundane as sunrise is until you lose it. i sigh A few minutes from now the sun would be at its brightest and id be force to seek darkness once more. Yes the pain was worth it to develop this simple activity. But for now… I try to compare the sunrise’s I’ve seen. In the past before I was change I’ve never notice Chicago’s sunrise but know I just enjoy

The End

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