Blood to the Veins

Chapter One

In the dark, dusty room he sat, staring up at the old, peeling ceiling.  He tried to not think of what had happened that very evening, but it always filled his mind.  In his kitchen, lays his diner, a human body.  Now they were no more than a pile of bloody bones.

It started when he first took a life.  Well I suppose it started the moment he was born.  He was a small, thin, pale child, and his parents did not think he would live, but he did.  They named him Jack, Jack Brown, a normal name, but this child was not at all normal.

He parents were kind people.  They loved their baby with all their hearts and kept him out of harm’s way as best they could, but sometimes, you will find, this is not always enough.

They were scientists by trade, and wanted to make the world a better place, by finding unknown chemicals that would change the world.   When their darling Jack was not quite six months old, they discovered a fascinating new compound by mixing together various elements in a way that nobody had done before.   They handled this chemical with much care, wearing rubber gloves and making sure not to touch it with their bare hands until they were sure of how dangerous this chemical was.  Jack’s mother could not make sense of it so, with heavy shoulders, she went to pram which they kept in the corner of the laboratory and smiled her giggling baby that lay there.  She bent down and stroked his cheek with her hand.   Suddenly, Jack screamed in pain, and she looked in horror as a dark brown mark appeared on his cheek.  She realised that she had forgotten to remove her chemical smothered gloves.  Immediately, she rushed he poor baby to the hospital but, as nobody had any idea what the chemical was, there was nothing to be done.

Poor Jack slipped in and out of consciousness as over the next few days, as his worried parents sat around his hospital bed, but he never opening his eyes or said a thing, or even moved at all.  Jack’s mother cried constantly, because it was her fault, because she was not sure if her son had been in so much pain but mainly because she might lose the son she loved with all her heart.   After exactly ten days after the chemical accident, the machine that showed his heart beat stopped.  They didn’t fetch a doctor but instead just stared at his limp body.  His parents then cried for their lost son, who had been so carelessly lost.  But, as they got up to tell the doctors that their son had died, Jack’s tiny eyes opened and he grinned.

“But he...” Muttered Jack’s mother.

“Must just be a machine error” laughed Jack’s father.

The parents laughed and cuddled their son, who seemed right as rain.  And then, the two adults embraced over their apparently well son.   But all was not well. 

For from that day forward, Jack had a taste for blood that ran through his veins.

The End

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