The Beginning of the End

Mar was pacing back and forth in front of a group of young men carrying sword, shovels, pitchforks, or any farming tools they could find. Louis was behind his friend staring at the group of boys who all stood in straight lines. Mar scratched his black hair multiple times before looking up and smiling at the crew in front of him.

Mar: I am proud to see you all here. This will be our last battle to see who will be victorious in the end. That priss will be begging for her lives after we capture the kingdom. Taxing us, it's irritating! She thinks of us as rich as her first class jerks,, we can finish this once and for all!

The motley group of boys raised their weapon and roared. Mar turned to Louis and slightly nodded.

Mar: You're going to be in the front to lead these guys. I believe in you.
Louis: I just have this feeling that something bad is going to happen, Mar.
Mar: Don't be like that! Look, we've been with each other since we were little kids. I won't let my brother lead them if I know we cannot win.

Mar's green eyes glistened while he rufflied Louis's hair. He chuckled and then walked off. Louis looked ahead and saw shadows moving around in the empty foggy plain. It was their battlefield that Mar chose to end the conflict. It was early morning and the grass was wet from dew. Louis squinted his eyes a bit, but widened when he saw who was in the front lines.

Louis: Why is the princess here!?

The boys became silent and started murmuring about seeing the princess out in the battlefield.

Mar: Don't let your guard down, Louis!!
Levianna: Do not expect me to let you pass so easily, young man. Though I have respect for your bravery and voice, I cannot change my decisions. To think you boys are the trouble of the burnings and all the other complaints given to me.

Levianna looked up and gave a stern face before ordering her soldiers to attack. Louis, doing the same, waited till his men and the soldiers were slashing before going straight to his only goal: the princess. He charged passed the brawls happening and saw the princess, with her sword, ready to exchange blows. Unsheathing his sword, he slammed his sword against hers and it seemed time slowed down between the two of them.

Louis: One of royalty, especially a young girl like yourself, shouldn't be fighting a man's battle.
Levianna: Do not expect me to be hiding behind closed doors when this has to do with me. A boy like you should know better.

Clashes kept going.

Levianna: Why are you fighting?
Louis: I have my own reasons. Do not ask so kindly!

Louis slammed his sword against Levianna's, but she quickly flicked and pushed Louis's sword out of his hand. The sword flew out of his hand and clattered onto the muddy floor. She pointed her sword towards his neck and glared.

Levianna: Give up now for I have finished this.

Suddenly behind her, Mar was about to give the finishing blow, but was slammed to the ground by a soldier. The soldier looked up at Levianna and she nodded. She blew a loud whistle.

Levianna: The fight is over! Retreat if you value your lives!!
Mar: Do not listen to her! Keep fighting for your freedom!!

Levianna snapped her fingers and the soldiers grabbed Mar by the hair and arms to keep him from moving. Her sword was still pointed towards Louis.

Levianna: We have won, and if you value these two men also, leave!!

The boys were frightened and looked at each other. They threw their weapons on the ground and frantically ran away. Disappearing into the fog, soldiers surrounded Louis, Levianna, and Mar.

Levianna: I'll give you an option...either you leave right now, or we'll spare your friend's life.
Louis: What will you do to my friend?
Levianna: The fallen should not speak, but answer.

Rain started pouring and everyone was quiet.

Louis: Let Mar go.
Mar: You idiot!
Louis: Shut up!

Levianna snapped her fingers and the soldiers unhanded Mar. Mar got up and stared at Louis in disbelieve. The soldiers pushed him out of the circle and the crowd huddled closer.

Louis: So what is my punishment?
Levianna: To lose against a girl. Isn't that already a huge punishment?
Louis: What?
Levianna: Starting from now, you will be my servant!!

The End

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