Jaydn had attempted suicide once. Nothing too special. Just wasn’t high enough off the ground, but it didn’t help that someone tried to catch her. She’d been jumped by rival crews, beaten to a pulp, and faced a gang of long-nailed girls, and had never even flinched. She had faced countless men and women who desired to hurt her because of the dragon tattooed below her right ear; been stabbed, shot at, and cursed time and time again, and had lived another day knowing she was a hunted person, which led up to her family’s disappearance, and the hunt that seemed to never end, for her. But in all that, she had never been scared, mad, or angry. She had never lost her temper, shouted, or over-reacted. She had kept a cool and clean façade that she knew others believed her impenetrable. But as she fell from the City of Webs bell tower… a scream left her, unrecognizable by herself.

However, her scream stopped as the man who held her hand pulled her closer, holding her against his chest, and, for a split second; she thought he would use her as a landing mat. And as she braced herself for impact, thinking back on her recklessness with mild regret, he flipped them upright, his feet landing on the ground and shot them back into the air. They continued on their way, leaping through the night, no wings or strings holding them up or aiding this swift traveling method. Clearly she had missed something, for the speed and height he was going, it was impossible foranyoneto do this. 

And then she felt it. A deeper and more lustful desire that she hadneverexperienced before in the whole of her life. More thirsty than hungry, as he had suggested, her eyes searched, as if it were her second nature. Wandering through the darkness, they stopped and she forced herself to blink. Turning her head, almost forcefully, she found herself salivating at the sight of a woman in a restaurant, waiting for someone, the perfume she had dabbed on her neck couldn’t compare to the sweet aroma that pulsed under her skin. Jaydn watched as the woman brushed a stray stand of hair back, behind her ear, and searched the darkness outside the window for her date. She was happy when they breezed past her.

Tall, short, fat, thin, women and men. It didn’t matter, but some held more attraction to her than others. Despite it all, the man holding her seemed to hold themostattraction for her. She could hear his deep chuckles of enjoyment, she could smell his breath, and yet, she could do nothing but remain in place until the world stopped beneath her. 

Chaos let her go at that point and stared at her face. There was a tickly feeling in her head, as if someone were running cold water onto her scalp, and she wrinkled my nose, and asked, “How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

She shot him a glare, “Hello? Did we not just sail through the sky?” When he smiled, she asked again, “Howdid you do it?”

Chaos bent his head closer to hers and stopped when his face were mere centimeters away, and replied, “Look, my dearest one, you need to stop asking questions and start answering them yourself.” Jaydn wanted to banter, but he stopped her, “Yes, you may think all of this is but a dream, however, I guarantee you, this is a dream in which you will never wake up from.” 

She looked around to see his vanguards had caught up and surrounded them, sharing a smile of glee. Annoyed, she nodded, “Alright then. I’ll find my own answers,” she repeated his words, with disdain. 

He then chuckled again, “Thirsty, love?”

“I feel disgusted,” she replied, annoyed, “everything that I keep focusing on is human! I’mnota cannibal!”

Chaos gently traced his index finger along her jaw line, and agreed with her, “No, I would pray that you’re not. Come, let us find something good for you,” he added, allowing the cool evening air between them for the first time since they were plunging to the earth, and led the way. 

As they walked, Jaydn noted one of the other guys’ expression. What was even stranger was, she heard his thoughts. He spoke with someone else, another one of the guys.  He asked, “Don’t you think this is a bit unnecessary? Why not eat her and be done with it?  Why turn her so soon?”

Another, this one was still rubbing his stomach, added lazily, “Don’t sweat it. Boss will simply need to explain this to his teacher,” and he added a growl as he noted Jadyn’s eyes in his direction. Baring his teeth slightly, she found her eyes unable to look away at his beautifully white, large, teeth. She snapped to attention when Chaos stopped walking. 

She looked up to see the red blinking sign of women’s legs and felt a strange emptiness within. As if her emotions had been dumped out of her, she couldn’t bring myself tofeel. “Goodie,” she murmured, slightly forced, “a brothel.”

With a smirk, Chaos shook his head, “This is for the boys. You and I will do some delicate dining tonight,” he added, nodding to his men. They filed in quickly, and soon, she was alone with the man she was most self-conscious around. It was somewhat unnerving, but she wanted to just be with him, if possible, forever.

Looking around, she frowned, more confused than before, and asked, “So where are we now?” When he gave no answer, she looked around and froze. To her horror, her senses pricked whenever someone rushed past her. Naturally, there was nothing abnormal about this; but that was before she became acutely aware of their quickened pulses, just floating by, within her grasp.

 With all her might, she threw herself against the wall, only to embed herself in the brick. Chaos, amused, walked over and leaned against the wall, asking, “What do you think you are doing? Have you such a deep yearning to belong to the walls?”

 “I can’t do this,” she grunted, holding her breath to the best of her ability.

 Leaning closer, he nudged her further, and asked, “Can’t do what, my dear?” When she refused to answer, he continued, “Why deny yourself the simple pleasures oflife? Had I the choicest wine, I’d offer it to you. But all I have is this, and it is now yours. Will you waste such a blessing?”

 Jadyn stared at him in disbelief, for now it dawned on her, slowly but surely, everything added up, making sense in a way that only made sense to their kind. Yes,their kind. Those words stuck to her in a way that brought her only so much comfort. Onlyso muchcomfort.


 Chaos moved swiftly through the city, and Jadyn followed. Every step he took, she was right behind him. His scent washed over her and this excited her. For a while, they didn’t speak. It felt like they were enjoying the night, though their senses fluctuated. She noticed that as they passed the town center, her senses were keenly alert. But when they passed smaller alleys, little shops, and other less populated areas, a hunter-sense took over, and she found herself struggling to maintain control over her body, especially her mind.


Blood was on her mind. The desire to draw the warmth of life from those who possessed it, and allow the active liquid to seep through her. She craved the feeling of drowning away, hopes of ecstasy and blinding heat caused her mouth to water whenever a lone traveler passed her. Their thoughts, it was their thoughts that kept her at bay, most of the time. Hopes of seeing one’s child, husband, wife, mother, father, and other loved ones. Seeing their faces in other’s thoughts, wishing and hoping for a reunion of sorts. Each intimate and warm moment shared, Jaydn saw it all. And held onto her senses, human or not, she hoped to maintain a peaceful frame of mind, regardless of how it tortured her insides.

 Chaos took note of it all, but he remained silent, as if waiting for her to snap. He seemed to be ready for violence, but she was too thrilled with her new abilities to allow her hunger to turn her into a hunter. Not only that, but she wasn’t alone. And this fact thrilled her beyond all others.

 Finally, they reached a small club. It surprised her to see that this club was exactly as she would have thought clubs to be like in big cities. Suspicious looking people walked in and out, from blinding lights into the darkness of the night. There was something spooky and yet exhilarating, and most of it, well, she could barely describe in words. Needless to say, one look at Chaos, and the bouncers let him in. And when they stopped Jadyn at the door, mumbling something about her age and how innocent she looked, Chaos moved back to her, draping an arm casually over her shoulders, and the bouncers got their answer.

 The inside of the club, was something out of only stories Jaydn had ever heard. On entering, her eyes felt strange. It wasn’t that she couldn’t see, but it was that she could see too much. She felt exposed, and she felt as if she could seeeverything, regardless the quality of lighting in the space. Like tiny shards of light,she saw them. It didn’t matter how far a way they were, she felt themall. And she knew, at that very moment, that she was very different from what she had been before she woke.

 Chaos looked over to her and with a slight nod, he whispered in her head, ‘Watch and learn.’


 Back at the Great House, Angelina rushed through the house, searching frantically for her gold ring. The only thing she had ever received from the one she admired most, and yet, it was the most sought after possession for she always seemed to misplace it. Wandering aimlessly for a while, she stopped to see Zero sitting at the bottom of the stairs, deep in his thoughts. And this was quite unlikely for Zero, because he was one of action; not much thinking was ever involved. Nonetheless, he sat there, thinking.

Angelina stopped at the landing, her great dress stopping around her, and clasped her hands together behind her back, “Dear Zero, what bothers you so?”

Hearing her tone, Zero looked up, his deep red eyes still very red. He didn’t lack blood, no, he was listening to something, or someone, far in the distance. “My Master returns with something else. One whose blood is far too much like his own, it makes my fangs shrink.”

Surprised by his embarrassing admission, Angelina turns her face up, her eyes far off in the distance. She had never had trouble finding Chaos, the beloved leader of their covenant, but she didn’t often try to track him. It was quite disrespectful, despite being called his ‘teacher’.

No, Angelina was rightfully his superior. Appointed by the Head Covenant to watch over his growth and family, she was, at best, the ‘advisor’ or the one left in charge whenever he left the Great House. When she first saw him, so many years ago, his never-changing blue eyes intrigued her, and after meeting him, she couldn't bring herself to leave him. It was because of that deep desire within her that she agreed to stay in the Great House as his teacher, hoping he would see her as more than just an underling. Wishing for her desired mate to realize the potential if she were at his side for all eternity.

But, as Angelina zoned in on his scent, she had to frown. Another with similar blood was close to his side. A strange, new, one Angelina had never noticed before. Especially for Chaos, who never gave his blood to any other. To feel his blood within another body was strange and, wholly, unwelcoming for Angelina. She tried to press into the creature, but something lashed out at her, and sent her back to herself in the Great House.

Seeing her expression change, Zero nodded, “I think he changed her using his own blood, which could only mean one thing.”

Angelina’s eyes widened as her expression fell, “He has chosen a mate.” And just as quickly, Angelina’s eyes snapped up, her expression furious as she added, “Impossible!”


At their Master’s return, the entire Great House seemed to buzz with life. Rumors of a new toy dripped from the women’s lips, as the males discussed wanting to taste the new girl’s fresh death. It was normal for those within the covenant to give each other a taste, a sample of their rank, but the moment one attempted to step between the two, Chaos had turned and taken hold of the intruder’s coat, stopping the advance.

All eyes on their Master, Chaos asked, “What do you think you are doing?”

Ben, the youth in question, turned his head slowly and replied, “Just a taste of a new female. Quite normal, right, Master?” he added, his eyes returning to Jadyn, whispering of his hunger.

Chaos released him and smiled, “If she lets you.”

Turning on his heel, he ascended the staircase again. Jadyn watched as the others began closing in on her. Even females stood in her way. As bizarre as it seemed, she wouldn’t be allowed to advance on the staircase unless her blood was tasted. And when she thought Chaos had remembered her, he coldly added, “Take it outside. I don’t want any blood on the floor.” He disappeared within a room, followed by Angelina, and the door closed with a decided click.


Angelina rubbed her temples, her eyes wide with disbelief as she stated, in disgust, “You fought a human, turned her usingyour own blood, and then brought her back with you, hoping to make her your queen?” When Chaos gave no response, she shook her head, and demanded angrily, “What possessed you to be so unwise in your decision making? Had not your match been chosen for you ages ago? But, now, we have an unnecessary dilemma.” 

Chaos pushed away from the table and walked over to the window, his eyes dark with resentment. Angelina, sensed the rage radiating from him, and added bitingly, “Chaos, I need to know, what have you planned for your reign? You must step up within the next century, and if you do not, then the peace between the alliances of covens would have been for naught. Thousands of years of hard work, countless negotiations, shoved into a coffin and buried without a trace of it beingeverpresent.” 

Chaos nodded, “I see your point, Angelina. And yes, I have plans for the time of my reign. No, the girl is not meant to be my queen, but she is meant to be something infinitely more dear to me. And finally, the alliances will be strengthened and permanent after my reign. So fear not, my dear teacher, I mean not to worry you. She’s merely a temptation, a snack I savored and will get rid of soon enough.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of,” Angelina growled, her eyes glowing white with anger. 

But Chaos shook his head, not once looking at her, though watching Jadyn easily fighting off the others who teased her, and were regretting it now. “No, she is like me.  Only younger and filled with more hate. She is my little sister,” he added, clarifying his intentions with that last line. 

Angelina nodded, slowly understanding what he had meant to say, though hadn’t articulated quite well enough. “Yoursister?” she repeated, just to add emphasis on the last word, as if tasting it to see whether or not it fit her idea of what vampire siblings should be like. Indeed, of what she had seen of their little interaction and affection, she nodded, repeating it as more of a statement, “Your sister.”

With quite a decisive nod, Chaos added, “I will marry her to an allying prince, that should smooth things out a bit and enhance my relations with them, don’t you agree?”

Angelina, slowly consenting to his ideas, stepped towards him, her face turned up, as if wishing to be kissed, and Chaos relented, gently brushing his lips against hers before turning back to see hissisterthe only one left standing amongst several bodies strewn about the wide space, slowly healing. “She would do perfectly as a present,” Angelina confirmed, stepping away from him, into the shadows and disappearing altogether from the room. 

No sooner had she left did Chaos punch the table nearest to him, shattering it easily from the sheer force of his anger. Wiping his lips, he turned to see Jadyn, still, very much, alone. Her newfound power seemed to be tempting her as she looked at the statues close by. But, to his surprise, she walked away from the healing bodies, towards the gazebo not too far off.

Opening a window, Chaos landed on the grass and followed her quietly. Had he a heart, it would be beating in his throat.


The moment Jadyn had led her lieu of attackers to the yard, her senses perked up without her usual ritual. She could hear the deep growls of the others as they prepared for an attack. And, as they lunged at her, fangs and claws at the ready, she closed my eyes and concentrated. Needless to say, it was nothing.

Her knives were in her hands and swinging before she remembered pulling them from their holsters. Opening her eyes, she watched as they came at her, one after another, as though in slow motion. She dodged, cut, and kicked with ease and grace. Strange as it seemed, she wanted to fight more and more with each passing moment. Despite the oddity of her companions, they continued to go at her. Some attempted attacking together, but their aim was greatly off and sje managed to foil them in mid air while landing a solid, bone-crushing, kick on their other cohorts.

At times, she turned and spun in the air, faster than she thought possible, but with a strange surge of power, everything came to her; her body moved on its own, and, when she stopped turning, her knives still in my hands, none stood before her, conscious and unhurt. Her attackers laid on the ground, bones repairing themselves, dislocations coming back into place, though none stood up. As if they had given up.

Jadyn cleaned her knives on the grass and, sensing her maker before seeing him, she turned and saw Chaos through a higher window. Her chest tightened as she saw him kiss an unknown woman, whose beauty was beyond her belief. He turned her eyes on Jadyn and she tried to pull her eyes from him, but they wouldn’t obey. As if everything within her cried out for him.

Feeling a dark sense of anger followed by an overwhelmingly deep feeling of loneliness, Jadyn forces her neck to turn her face away from him. Something in that mere second gave her the feeling of an eternity of nothing before her.

Forcing herself to walk away, not wanting to think of that feeling, nor what it was doing to her insides, she found a gazebo and made it her target. Behind her, she heard the sound of a window opening, followed by the light sound of grass crunching beneath boots.

Unwarranted mortal thoughts filled her immortal mind as Chaos followed her. 

The End

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