A "chosen" vampire's struggle to completion.


I was asked to recount my conversion experience.  Why it was needed was beyond my comprehension, but Chaos never asked for something that wasn’t necessary, so I wrote down everything I could remember.  And, thank the Light, I did.  A few more decades and it would be naught more than dust, what I would become had I beheld light.

Granted, I can’t remember everything perfectly, but whenever I re-read the lines on the below testimony, my dead heart gives an unwanted and impossible jolt as memories flood my mind.  Yes, it’s all still there.  I can feel it all there. Truly, of the more spectacular feats of being an eternal being was, definitely, the vast amount of memory I am capable of holding. 

Chaos finds it strange that I remember my past so well.  And, at times, I, also, wish it gone, but in times as such are needed, a written account cannot attest as well as to an eye-witness account.  In this view, I suppose it is wise to keep records of conversions and etc.

I could bore you, the reader, with the details of my life before my change.  Growing up with two parents, siblings, and the whole mortal load was the greatest burden of all time, for me.  I sought for a way out of the life they hoped for me, and in return, was abandoned and forgotten about.

You see, I was sent away for a year of disciplinary schooling.  And, upon my return, I found a vacant house, some furniture, and no sign of life that could have indicated someone would return within the next, several, years.  I had wondered why my disciplinary education ended, and found that the funds that once were weren’t anymore.  No, instead, I was left for death to take me.

… And that, he did.

The End

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