Blood Ties

Victorian-era setting, a young boy with his hair in a short ponytail was wiping his rapier in a storage room. He looked at it after a few shines and smiled. He held the sword outward and checked if it was balanced.

Louis: Perfect...
Mar: 'Ey, there you are, Louis!
Louis: Oh, Mar. Is there any problems?
Mar: The princess is going to give 'er speech. We better hear what she says...
Louis: Yeah, at the same time, we cannot hide forever...

The two boys left the building and walked to the large space where everyone was crowding. Infront of them was a large castle. Above them was a ledge where the princess was about to give her speech.

Mar: Can't believe a girl is running our country. This place is rather filthy with the soldiers always pushing their way through the towns.
Louis: I guess they should because we are making a fuss...
Mar: We have the right to! Taking money from us just so she can sit back and watch us suffer and die!
Louis: If she's going to fight back, we h---

The crowd suddenly became silent and a girl of the age of fifteen walked out. Her brown hair was long and curled elegantly. She did a curtsy in front of the crowd and everyone followed with a bow. Louis was about to give a bow, but Mar pushed his chest back.

Levianna: Dear citizens, I do not wish to fight back against you all, but from all the rebelling and sudden attacks...I will not hold back!
Mar: That little...she's going to hurt all the citizens then!
Levianna: But citizens, do not worry, as long as the person behind all these troubles will show themselves. I will give them three days to stand in front of my castle doors. If that doesn't work...heads will start rolling.

She curtsied again before turning around and walking back inside the castle. Soldiers slammed the doors closed and everyone scurried off, going back to their business.

Mar: As if we will just give ourselves in...she doesn't know who we're dealing with!
Louis: We're just as young as her, if you don't know...yet she can rule an entire country...
Mar: Because she was born in a rich spoiled family. She might be able to run a country from afar, but I bet she cannot even fight back for herself because she might break a nail.
Louis: About the citizens...
Mar: I already said, we're not just going to give ourselves in. If we're going to go down, we're going down with a battle!
Louis: A-Against the princess?!
Mar: You go get the group ready and I'll send a letter to those jerks. We're going to finish this mess they started!

The End

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