Blood, Sweat and GunsMature

A future were war is all anyone knows. A young solider finds the enemys ultimate weapon and is sucked into the world of bionoc bodys and bloody surgery.

Oh crap I ducked as another volly of bullets thunderd into the ground at the top of the trench. I was tired, sore, and panicked as the comander sounded for us to shot. I jumped up and shot into the mist. I looked to my left at the man next to me. In a matter of moments he was on the ground head compleaty gone.  I screamed and fell backwards. He was right next to me. That could've been me! My breathing was layboard and i was more than panicked now. "FALL BACK"  To my right i saw one of the comanders pointing to the west side of the trench. As he went to yell again a dark shadow leaped over the top of the trench and stabed the comander in the chest. He chocked out a muphed word and fell to the ground. I stared at him. His blood polled around his mid section. I looked back to the shadow. He had another man in his arms and had slit his throt. Throughing him down on the ground he turned on another man. From behind me I saw a boy not much older than me aim his gun and fire. In a flash the bullet hit the man. I heard a small 'tink'. He turned around and looked at the boy. All i could see were his eyes a dark blue colour. He lifted his arm and threw a knife. I hit the boy right in betwen the eyes. Again I screamed and ran down to the east side of the Trench.

I wished i hadn't.

I ran as fast as my legs could take me. Jumping over the dead I headed toward my friends. Kale and Cane both twins were positioned at the east end. I noticed something strange as I was runing. There were less people but alot more noise. Gun shots and yelling. I aproched the opening that lead to the east end, and as I've said I wished I hadn't. That invinsible person wasn't the only of his kind. At least 5 more of them were down at this end and had captured 17 men. They were loading them up onto a truck. I couldent make sence of what was going on. "Hey Lee, Lee over here" I looked around for the scorce of what was calling out my name. As I looked over the top of the trenches I saw Kale. My heart leaped with joy. He waved me over signaling for me to be quiet. I slowly sneaked over and he pulled me up. I was about to say something but again he signaled for me to be quiet. He pointed to his left and I saw Cane. He was holding a sniper and aiming at something. I relized that he was going to try to save the captured men. I almost yelled with joy, even though Cane was only 16 he was the best sniper in the army. He looked over in our direnction and noded his head. He aimed and in a flash I rembered the incident that had made me flee. Bullets didn't affect them. I went to warn Cane but it was to late. I'm always to late. The bullet zoomed toword the invincebile person hit him and made the little 'tink' noise. I cringed, Cane looked at me with a 'WTF' look. "We know your there" It was the bionoc voice of one of the invincible people. " We were going to let you live.We have no need for  teenage boys." I didn't like the sound of that and nither did Kale or Cane. "Run" Kale said. He was oddly calm as we bolted of into the war zone. As soon as we took of I could hear the pounding of metal on rock. We keept runing, the person chasing us wasn't very fast. "Ahh stuf this" The person stoped chasing us. I laughed and looked back. He was standing still, almost like he was waiting for something. Kale had turned around to. He stoped dead in his trackes. " No he can't do that" We all stoped. The person was holding  bomb. He lifted his arm and my life flashed before my eyes.

The End

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