All About Dermit

He meets me at break time in the Janitor's room. "Hi I'm Dermit,you must be my side kick."

"I'm not ones side kick thank you!" I reply stunned. Who does he think he is calling me a side kick?! "Oh sorry,that's what they told me" He says looking confused.

"If anything your my side kick,I'm The Great Vampire Slayer,you stupid pig. Anyone would think you've had a bump to the head!" I say sternly.

"Nice to meet you to! So what's the plan of action then.. BOSS" He says,sarcastically. I hate him,he's got some nerve,talking to me like that. I stare at him as if to say,watch it you. Then the bell goes to start a new lesson. "I will see you at lunch for the plan" He walks away to his next class. And I begin to try and work him out. He must be out of his mind,he clearly needs a lesson in Vampire Slaying. Shouting 'I will see you at lunch for the plan' is quite a give away when your surrounded by Vampire students and teachers. He's going to get a really big suprise,if he doesn't watch himself.

The End

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