So I find myself as a Janitor,greatfully, an unimportant part of the school.I can start to set a few traps and learn how the Vampires tick and no one will know it was me. No questions about my absense which is perfect.

You may wonder how I became a slayer. My Father and Mother were in a secret society with the government. They were trained there as Vampire Slayers,to wipe out the Vampire clan. They believed that if one day they were captured and killed,I could end the Vampire story. But I don't want to talk about the next part,even though I am a grown woman,it still upsest me inside. Vampires don't have many feelings I guess. But they are similar to us in other ways. If you miss out draining blood from humans and animals. But I was brought up to believe Vampires are no good. From my parents and grandmother. But how do I know,if I've not been shown a different way. The only way to deal with Vampires is to stake them,that's all I know.

The bell rings again to resemble a start of another day and I recieve a secret message.It reads:

New partner on the way,posing as a supply teacher.

I know what that means.That I'm not trusted to complete this mission alone. I'm not working with a stranger. I work alone,they know that. But they've sent this nerdy supply teacher anyway. Flare but his real name,I find out soon enough,is Dermit. Both weird names. Great

The End

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