Finally we Graduated!

After the mass was over our class left and to our surprise there were three limos waiting outside. “Wow.” I said shocked that our school would go this far for us. “I should be saying that about you!” Seth said sneaking up behind me. I jumped a little and landed awkwardly causing me to fall but Seth caught me. “Wow I didn’t want you to fall for me literally.” He said steadying me. I blushed and looked down at my feet. Our teacher Mrs. Organ came out of the church and put us in groups of 5. I know our class is small only consisting of 15 grade eights but that’s just how private our school is. Lucky for me I was in a group with Seth. Unlucky for me Alexander was also in our group. All in all my group consisted of me, Seth, Alexander, Charlotte and Jonathon. My music tutor Mr. Black came with us as our chaperone. We all climbed into the limo and basically relaxed. Well everyone but me that is. I was sitting in between Seth and Alexander and trust me it was very, very uncomfortable. Seth held my hand and smiled while Alexander glared out the window. I mouthed “Help me” to Charlotte who switched spots with Alexander. “Thank you.” I whispered to her. She smiled and nodded. The limo stopped just outside the Parkers Complex, where we all got out and walked into the Rose hall. The Rose hall was one of the three halls the Parkers complex had. The hall was decorated in pink and blue which were also our school colours. I know it’s weird but hey what hasn’t been weird about my life? Anyways we all sat at our designated tables, mine consisted of me Aiden, Seth, Alexander, Dorian, Veronica, and the Creepy’s mom and dad. Aiden promised he would be on his best behaviour and oddly he was he held the video camera and video taped the entire thing, even us eating. “Aiden do you really have to video tape us eating?” I asked as I finished eating my potatoes. I was stuffed I could not eat anymore yet I still had a singe potato left on my plate. “Yes I do.” He replied zooming in on my face. How did I know? I saw him press the zoom button. I smiled and flung my potato at him before giggling. Aiden let go of the camera and the potato hit him square in the forehead. Thank goodness Seth caught the camera before it could fall and brake. “Thanks man” Aiden said wiping his forehead and taking the camera back. The rest of the meal was eaten in giggles and partial laughs. After we finished eating the teachers did their speech handed out the awards and the valedictorian, which was charlotte, said her speech. We clapped and then the teachers played the slide show. I cried a little because in the slideshow there was a picture of Seth and I holding hands, a picture of me and Veronica laughing, a picture of Alexander laughing, a picture of me, Seth, Charlotte, Alexis, Kaitlyn, Alexander, Veronica, and Dorian all together hugging and a picture of Seth and I sitting on the front steps cuddling. Everyone giggled at the picture of Seth and me cuddling but I just smiled. Seth actually blushed a little, he was so cute!

In the end I ended up getting the art award, the literacy award and the music award. After the parents and Aiden left we all just melded on the dance floor. “I love your dress Katie!” Alexis cried running over to me. She had her hair done up in 6 rolls on top of her head and she was wearing a very short, strapless red dress. “I love yours to?” I said looking at it. It showed more way to much skin of you asked me. Charlotte walked up next to Dorian and smiled she was wearing an aqua blue dress that cut off below her knees and had sleeves that were around six inches long. “Nice dress Char.” Kaitlyn said walking up behind us. She was wearing a very princess like, lilac gown with beads and jewellery everywhere. “Me to?” Charlotte replied almost falling over when she accidentally stepped on Kaitlyn’s dress, but Dorian caught her. She blushed and me and Alexis looked at each other and smiled. Looks like I wont be the only one dating a vampire now. Seth grabbed my hand and pulled me to a spot on the dance floor. The song that was playing was “Fall to Pieces” by Avril Lavign and we danced the night away. I danced with no one but Seth until we played snowball. Snowball is a game where every guy dances with a different girl when someone yells snowball, so I ended up dancing with Seth, Dorian, Jonathon, charlottes brother Colin and Alexander. With Alexander it was weird but not to weird. When the clock chimed midnight everyone’s parents came to get them. I sat down at my table and realized Aiden had forgotten the video camera here and it was set on record. “Bugger.” I muttered taking the camera and putting it in it’s case. Seth’s parents drove me home. When I got home Seth walked me to the door “Good night.” he said smiling I didn’t realize how handsome he looked in his Victorian tux till now. “Good night.” I replied he leaned down to kiss me and our lips met gently. I blushed as he walked away smiling. I can’t believe how amazing he was. I walked inside threw the video camera at Aiden and took a shower. After I had dried of and was in my P.J.‘s I opened the gift my dad had given me before he left. I opened the box to find a new sketch pad with a leather cover and my name engraved with gold on it, 5 star sketching pencils, inking pens and the best quality coloured pencils there is. I squealed and sketched a quick drawing of Seth before putting everything away and going to bed. Schools done and I can’t wait for summer!

The End

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