I forgot about Grad!

As soon as we got back to my house the Creepy’s left to go back home. I walked to my room with Aiden’s help and went to bed.

The next day I got up and showered. In all this excitement I nearly forgot today was my grade eight graduation! I walked in my room and closed the blinds. I stripped down to my underwear and put on black fishnet tights. I plugged in my curling iron and waited for it to heat up. I wonder what Seth is going to wear? I quickly put on my strapless black dress that had layered ruffles and cut of right above my knees. I began to curl my hair when I got a knock on my door and guess what? My dad walked in carrying a neatly wrapped box with a black ribbon tied around it. “Happy graduation sweetheart.” my dad said handing me the gift. I hugged him and took the gift. I wasn’t even going to bother opening it till later. “Aiden is going to videotape your graduation for us because we have to leave again.” he said hugging me again. “Oh. Okay.” I replied. My parents were always leaving on business and were never around but when they were they either showered me in gifts our crushed me with affection, I was kind of hoping they would be there for my graduation but I guess when opportunity calls… After my dad left I finished curling my hair and used a bobby pin to pin my bangs to the side. I began putting on my lip gloss when Aiden walked into the room. “I can’t tie this stupid tie!” Aiden said fumbling with his tie. I sighed and giggled, Aiden looked absolutely dashing in his black tux. He even took out his earrings and made his hair look presentable, which is very, very rare. I took his red tie away from him and tied it around his neck for him. “Seth won’t be coming over before we go to my grad if that’s why your worried.” I said straightening his tie before walking away to finish my makeup. “What? Me? Worried? Nah.” Aiden replied leaning on the doorway smiling. “Get out!” I said laughing, picking up my eyeliner and applying it to my eye. He smiled then left humming a tune I didn’t recognize. After I finished with my eyeliner I put on some black eye shadow and finished with volumizing mascara. I looked in the mirror and smiled, even if I was injured at least I would be well dressed. I checked my stitches and fixed my ankle brace before putting on my black high heeled sandals and walking out the door.

Aiden drove me to the church where I was the last one to arrive but that was the point. I was the designated MC and had to be up at the front before anything could happen. None of my class mates saw me ass I walked to the front and began the mass. At the begging of the mass I did a small introduction as all the grade eights walked to the front in two separate lines. One for boys and one for girls. Then the priest took over and I sat down. I didn’t speak again till the end of the mass but every grade eight that was graduating did have a piece in the mass.

The End

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