I hate Fighting

Alexander went berserk he tore Seth away from me and then they went all out “Thou errant common-kissing skainsmate!” Alexander yelled going for Seth’s throat “Now’s not the time for fighting or Shakespeare!” Seth retaliated blocking every attack Alexander made and finally finding an opening attacked Alexander. I was frozen I didn’t even notice the tall red headed male grabbing me and pulling me deeper into the forest then I’ve even ventured. I looked at him to see it wasn’t Dorian but the guy who attacked me! Could this be their father? Their father! The man who attacked me was their father! “Why?” I began “Why did you attack me before?” I said pulling away “So you wouldn’t mess up my plan!” He yelled back snarling at me. I pulled back again “What plan! You’re their father for christ’s sake! You should be happy for Seth!” I yelled and I kept pulling away “Ha! their father! Since you’re going to die anyways I might as well tell you...I’m not their father I’m their uncle! I am going to kill their father for stealing my woman much like what Alexander is going to do to Seth!” He began laughing and dropped his guard I pulled away quickly and began running back towards the way we came.

I came into sight of the lake and managed to get back to Seth, who stared at me. I must have looked terrible and then they saw what looked like their father attack me. “You stupid little runt!” He yelled “You can never escape me!” and he snapped my ankle. I tripped and hit my head which started bleeding right away. I kicked him with my good leg but it had little effect. He grabbed my arm cut it with his nail. I screamed and the next thing I knew Seth was in front of me tearing his uncle apart. Alexander grabbed a sharp tree branch and tossed it to Seth. Seth stabbed his uncle in the heart and his uncle stopped moving, and turned into dust. Seth looked at me and he bit his lip. “She needs a doctor” Veronica said “I mean NOW! Look at her!” She almost yelled at Seth. Seth glanced around and picked me up and headed towards his house. Seth had managed to put his shirt around my head to stop the bleeding, before he moved me to his mom’s truck.

Seth held my hand the whole time. I was scared. I was also unconscious by the time we got to the hospital so I don’t know what happened. When I woke up I saw my brother, Seth, Alexander, Veronica, Dorian and their mom with someone who looked like the creepies uncle but better looking and gentler. I tried to move but I couldn’t, my ankle was propped up. The first thing I said was “What happened?” and my brother looked at me with relief on his face “You went home and saw someone breaking in you put up quite a fight, apparently but the guy managed to cut your arm, brake your ankle and hit you in the head. He was found with some of our stuff later on wrapped around a street pole.” Aiden said smiling at me “You’re a fighter that’s for sure” Alexander added with a wink I looked at Seth’s mom with my doctor and I knew that he was the creepies real father. I smiled and said “Let’s go home”

The End

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