Somethings Up.

At East side Mario’s my brother had reserved a table on the busiest night of the year and we got to our table before the rush. I sighed as me and Seth were squished together by my brother’s band, Seth’s brothers and sister and all the bands friends. I was tired and confused and over all shy, I wasn’t exactly a people person so I stayed as close as I could to Seth who seemed to be enjoying it. Alexander whispered something that sounded like an accusation to Seth and Seth got a worried look on his face. “Seth what’s wrong?” I asked finishing my second piece of pizza “Nothing you need to worry about love” He said using a British accent and giving off a goofy smile that made me swoon, so I dropped the subject. After the pizza party Aiden had to drive Zoë home so Seth offered to walk me home.

I wasn’t dark yet by the time we got home so Seth asked “Do you want to take a walk with me?” I nodded and we walked through the forest and eventually we got to the lake I looked around it was even more beautiful than the last time I was here I looked at Seth he had closed his eyes “Alexander thinks my parents won’t approve of us” He said with a frown on his face “He thinks they would try and hurt you.” I was speechless I just stared at Seth shocked and torn “Why?” I asked my voice shaking a little “I never did anything to them why would they ...?” I almost collapsed but Seth caught me just in time so I wouldn’t hurt myself. I held on longer then I had to. We just stood there me crying, while Seth held me and stroked my hair. We were there for what seemed like forever before Seth made me look at him my face was torn and sad and I just looked him in the eyes. I never noticed it before but Seth had the warmest blue eyes. They looked like they were filled with compassion and sorrow at the same time I raised my head while Seth lowered his and we met with a cautious kiss.

And when it did happen it felt like the world stopped and it was just me and Seth. It felt like all the birds were singing and that there were fireworks above us. Most of all it felt magical.

Until Alexander and the family showed up. Then it got ugly

The End

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