Making up and then some

I thought the day would never end, and I was so glad when the bell rang and we were let out. I saw Alexis and Kaitlyn flirting with Seth but as soon as Seth saw me he left them and walked over to me. They both giggled and looked at me. My eye twitched and I began to walk away but he caught up to me and said “Hey the band has a practise today are you going?” he smiled like nothing was wrong “Did Veronica tell you I know?” I whispered shyly “Know what?” Seth asked innocently. I rolled my eyes and said “Maybe. I have to do some homework first” I replied looking towards the parking lot I saw my brother wave “I have to go Seth my brothers waiting” I said smiling before I ran towards my brothers van. Finally! The old Seth was back. I put my hand in my pocket and felt something inside of it. It was a note! I took it out and read it.

Sorry for ignoring you. We needed to keep our identities on the down low because we are pretty sure people wouldn’t appreciate vampires living in the community especially young ones. See you at practise!

- Seth Creepy

I smiled and re read it again when I got home. I finished my homework way before the bands scheduled practise so I wrote the day’s happenings in the vampire dairy Jonathon had bought me. Speaking of Jonathon I haven’t seen him forever maybe I’ll call him later, just then my brother called me to say we had to go. I opened the blinds and saw that there was a rope attached to it with a pulley and a bucket attached with some wildflowers. There was another note attached to it :

See you at Practise

- Seth

My face turned red as I walked down the stairs I had changed into one of the outfits that would make me look like I was in my brother’s band, The Makers. I was shy about going to the band practise partly because Seth was there and partly because my brother was going to be antagonizing Seth. I sighed and got into the van as my brother drove off.

When we got there Seth and Marcus were already setting up the equipment and the instruments I was hiding behind Aiden so the others wouldn’t see me. I was very shy when I was dressed in my red and black tights with my black boots and jean miniskirt with a grey long-sleeved shirt with a skull on it. I had my hair all spiky and I had enough time to braid and bead a small part of my bangs. Aiden moved out of the way to show me off like always but I was shy so I looked down and blushed “Aiden!” I said grabbing his sleeve “Why did I have to dress up again?” I was so shy that I didn’t even look up when I said this to him “Because after we are going out for pizza!” Aiden said a smile on his face “And to celebrate our bands new CD ‘Arm Candy ’ it just hit stores today” He was so proud. I sighed and sat down on the stairs that lead up to the suites, that’s where the important people sit, and mumbled “Stupid he could have told me this yesterday!” I finally looked up to see Seth staring at me in wonder. I gave him a fake smile before they started Zoë had arrived just after Aiden made the announcement. Today they were practising Fell for the Enemy. I closed my eyes and listened

“Once you look away, you can never come back” Aiden began….

The song was around 4 minutes and when Aiden finished I sighed. Then they went through the next song and eventually all the songs on the CD. After they were finished I had somehow gotten up into the suites and was standing on the balcony that overviews the concert hall the view kinda reminded me of the play Romeo and Juliet. “O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art though Romeo?” I said "But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun." Seth finished standing near the balcony “Now come on down so we can get some pizza!” He said standing right in front of me “ can’t” I said looking down at him “Why not?” Seth asked curious “I don’t know how I got up here in the first place!” I said shyly again “Well then I’ll catch you” he said extending his arms. I looked around while Seth smiled I sighed again and reached for him. I fell right into his arms and he spun me around and set me on the ground grinning. I still held onto him “You can let go now” Seth said still grinning “Oh! Sorry” I said letting go just then Aiden came back and shouted “Let’s go!” and Seth and I left hand in hand

The End

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