Nose bleeds and Vampires

After finally going to bed I woke up an hour before I had to and I thought I saw Seth standing in my room I rubbed my eyes and looked again and he was gone! I swear I saw him standing there. I guess my imagination was playing tricks on me. Seth is no Edward Cullen, and that’s just a book it wouldn’t happen in real life! Would it? I couldn’t fall back to sleep after that so I took a shower and got dressed. I opened the blinds and noticed Seth was fighting with two older looking people .Probably his parents. I began tending to my roses, I still had no clue who sent them. I looked out the window again and the two older people and Seth were staring at me! I waved hello smiling at them but the older male one walked over and shut his blinds! He was so rude! I harrumphed and went downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast I started on my walk to school it was a fresh crisp morning it was so wonderful that I had totally forgotten what happened last night. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts that I barely heard someone approach me, As soon as I realized someone was following my every step even the turn and shortcuts I turned around and I saw Seth standing there holding some wildflowers that grew wildly by the lake a few miles from our houses “Here these are for you” Seth said blushing a bit “Sorry about my parents they... can be rude sometimes” He said holding the flowers towards me turning his head away “Why though? I didn’t do anything to them!” I said taking the flowers “Thanks for the flowers” I said holding them up to my face and breathing the scent in. “You’re welcome and you wouldn’t understand!” Seth said practically yelling “Then help me understand Seth! Because I don’t see what’s wrong with having some friends or being nice! I don’t understand how you could be so nice one day then completely turn your back on someone another! To make matters worse I think I was attacked by a vampire. A Bloody VAMPIRE Seth! I can’t tell anyone because they would think I was crazy so now tell me why I wouldn’t understand” I yelled back “WELL... What, wait did you just say you were attacked yesterday? By a vampire? Crap this is serious... I’ve gotta go, later” he said running off somewhere. I sighed then continued my walk. The case of the Creepy’s is getting weirder everyday.

As soon as I got to school I noticed that the routine was the same even though Seth had apologized he still ignored me. This continued for weeks and during that time period all the girls started going gaga for Seth, Alexander and Dorian while the guys fawned over Veronica. I sighed and wanted the old Creepy’s back. When Friday finally rolled around I had another nosebleed, it wasn’t as bad as the ones I’ve had before so I went to grab a tissue I accidentally got some blood on Veronica’s desk. Her eyes went wide with hunger. “Mrs. Organ! May I go to the bathroom?” She asked urgently “Yes” Mrs. Organ said, and after Veronica left Mrs. Organ said “Katie why don’t you go wash up too?” I left and when I got to the washroom I noticed Veronica standing there looking at me with a surprised expression on her face. The first thing I noticed was the fangs that were protruding from her mouth, the next thing I noticed was the wildness of her stance she looked like an animal! I walked over to the sink not taking my eyes off of her and washed my face. After I had gotten rid of the blood on my face I glanced at her and after a while she said “Now you know why our parents don’t want us around you. They think your nosebleeds will be our downfall” She laughed a little but I was frozen in place “I...I...I don’t know what to say!” I said I almost broke down my legs were weak and I was out of breath. “We better go back to class” I said trying to walk to the door “Wait!” Veronica said “Don’t tell anyone ok?” I sighed and nodded before going back to class. I guess case closed right?

The End

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