Aiden’s band The Makers had a band practise so Aiden had taken me with him. While the band practised I did my homework, I stopped and listened for a while noticing the guitar parts sounded sad, I mean they sounded good and hey fit the songs they were practising, they just sounded sad. Aiden had to stay after to deal with some C.D. recording stuff so I had to walk home by myself. I had all my stuff in my backpack I even had a can of mace on me. It was really dark outside darker than most nights it was scary, but I didn’t notice I was too busy wondering why the creepy quartet was acting so strange. I didn’t even notice the eerie shadow that followed me until it was too late.

“Let me go!” I said to whoever had grabbed me. I fought with all my strength I even managed to get one of my hands free. I quickly grabbed the mace and sprayed the person who grabbed me. The person who grabbed me took a step back and swung wildly. I noticed that the person who attacked me had red eyes and fangs...wait fangs! This was too weird. I ran as quickly as I could home and locked myself in my room I quickly grabbed my diary and wrote everything that happened. I went to my computer and did some research. I looked up vampire I clicked on the first link and after about an hour of research this is what I got:

Vampires are:

1) Unable to Enter a Dwelling without Being First Invited In. (Not true)

2) Unable to Cross Water. (I have no clue!)

3) Coma during day time. (Impossible!)

4) Inability to Withstand the Direct Rays of the Sun. (False!)

5) Dependence upon the Soil of their Land of Birth for Rest. (Haven’t been inside their house so I can’t tell)

Reflection Not Seen in a Mirror. (False!)

Repulsion to holy ground. (False our school is Catholic)

Vulnerable to Atoprophic Objects like:

Seeds, knots and grains (Dunno)

Religious objects (False our school is Catholic)

Wolfsbane (That’s really old stuff)

Garlic (Allergies maybe?)

Stakes, wood and other sharp objects (Deffinitaley they don’t even use wooden pencils)

Thorns and roses (Maybe!)

I looked back over my research and it basically described the creepies but I wasn’t entirely convinced I needed real proof! I mean come on! Vampires! VAMPIRES! This was just way too weird for me, I needed some sleep.

The End

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