Wow They were serious

As soon as we were home I looked through my window the boys blinds were closed I scowled and then wrote the days happening in my diary.

Come Monday I saw the Creepy’s parents drop them off at school. I waved hi but they ignored me I frowned and wondered what was up with them just then Alexis showed up “Wow they sure are acting weirder than usual” She said looking at them with an angry expression on her face “They could have at least waved hi back!” Kaitlyn added running over to us from the bike rack “Where’s Charlotte?” I asked looking for her “She has baseball practise” Alexis said, then the bell rang and we ran inside so we wouldn’t be late. As soon as we were in class I sat in my desk and noticed the creepy quartet all looked like they didn’t get any sleep and they looked starved. Seth caught me looking at them and I quickly turned my head but just then I had one of my random nose bleeds. “Crap!” I said grabbing my nose but it was too late the creepy quartet looked at me with wide eyes there was blood all over my desk all four of them had a look of hunger on their faces. I looked away terrified of what I saw in their faces. I ran into the bathroom and let my nose bleed out once it had stopped I grabbed some tissue and cleaned off my desk today was gonna be a long day!

For lunch my brother had made me pasta and garlic bread, but as soon as I brought out the garlic bread the creepy quartet had a disgusted look on their faces. I finished eating my lunch then rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash. Before we left for school we had gym but instead of staying inside we went outside to play baseball. I accidentally hit a couple of people when I was batting but I was an awesome pitcher. The creepy quartet wouldn’t use the wood baseball bats they only used the steel ones which seemed odd to me.

After school let out I walked right up to Alexander and the others and said “Why are you guys acting so distant and weird! I’ve known you for three days and I know that’s not how you act so what’s up?” I was angry and they were shocked. Veronica was the only one who spoke “Its best you stay away from us we could be dangerous.” She said with a hiss and then they walked to their parents van at least Seth waved bye to me. I stood there my mouth hanging open like a moron until Charlotte caught up to me and we walked home.

“The creepy quartet sure was acting weird today..” Charlotte said while we were walking up to her house “I know and they were acting like they didn’t even know me!” I said sounding pissed “Yeah and they had to leave for a while when you had your nose bleed” Charlotte added “It was weird... Maybe they’re vampires” I just stared at her with a blank expression on my face “I’m kidding!” She said and I rolled my eyes “They sure are interesting” I said as we walked by Charlottes house “Bye!” Charlotte said walking to her house “Bye...” I replied

The End

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