Band Auditions

As soon as I was at the complex I saw my brother’s band taking a brake “Hey Aiden!” I called hoping he would hear, and he did. Him and his band came over “Hey sis I was wondering when you would show up!” Aiden said messing up my hair “I...I got distracted ok!” I said batting his hand away “Ooh was it by a boy!” Zoë asked. She was the band’s drummer and boy was she good! “No!” I said blushing. She gave me the “uh-huh” look. “Ok I did get distracted by a guy but I don’t like him it’s our new neighbours, my friends and I call them the creepies because that what they are creepy and it‘s their last name!” I said feeling the band stare at me “Ha! I knew it” Marcus said. He was the bands base guitar player he was super good. “How are the auditions going?” I asked trying to change the subject “Not too well” Aiden admitted “We only got goths and punks trying for guitar and they suck. That guy over there is the very last to be auditioned” Aiden said with a grim look on his face pointing over to a brown haired goth boy who had lots of piercing

“Seth? SETH!” I called to the boy my brother pointed at “You play guitar?” I asked running up to him and tripped over some guys foot “Yeah” he replied catching me “But why are you here?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face “My brothers the lead singer!” I said pointing to where the band was standing. My brother was glaring at Seth and Seth gulped. “Put in a good word for me ok, because I don’t think your brother likes me much” Seth said. I rolled my eyes at my brother “Relax he always glares at everyone...who’s a potential boyfriend threat, he’s very over protective” I said smiling Seth instantly relaxed “Contestant #96 you’re up” My brother shouted. I winked at Seth and then sat down at the judges table Seth picked up his guitar and began playing a piece of the song my brother wrote, it was called “My Baby Rose”. Despite the name it was a pretty upbeat rocking song! And Seth played it perfectly, better than my brother himself! I looked at my brother with a smile on my face. My brother’s face on the other hand was set with a grimace but Zoë spoke for him “You’ve got the part!” She shouted smiling at Seth, I did too.

After Seth had finished signing the contract his family showed up, Alexander and Dorian anyways Veronica was nowhere to be seen. I walked over to them and said “You should have heard him! Seth played better than my brother!” Seth blushed. I was happy I don’t know why but I don’t hate the creepies as much as I used to I mean sure they were weird but I just judged them by their looks. “By the way guys where is Veronica?” I asked looking around for her “She’s with our parents at the airport they just flew in” Dorian said with a scowl “I guess you guys don’t like your parents very much?” I said a bit curiously “No it’s just that we aren’t supposed to talk to anybody and we could get in major trouble for being near you” Alexander admitted sourly “Why?” I was bemused by this, just then Seth’s phone rang and he walked away to answer it he was only gone a few minutes before he came back and said “Mom and dad are at the house, we have to go” He was acting very odd “Stay away from us if you know what’s good for you” Dorian whispered in my ear he looked sad but serious and that’s when my brother took me home.

The End

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