Birthday Fun

I ended up getting a digital video camera that could take pictures (Mom and dad), a new blue dress (Alexis), the Vampire Kisses DVD (Charlotte), and a whole briefcase full of makeup (Kaitlyn). After we watched some more TV. At eight o’ clock my friends cheered HAPPY BIRTHDAY before we went to sleep. That’s where it got weird, in my dream Alexander and Seth were fighting and they had Fangs! They did that until I ran in and stopped them but I was bleeding, and then I woke up screaming! “What’s wrong Katie?” Alexis asked hearing me scream “Nothing just a nightmare” I replied sitting up “Are the pancakes ready yet?” I got up and headed upstairs and guess who was there? Done guessing yet? It was Alexander. Cooking pancakes. In my house. At SEVEN O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! I almost screamed but swallowed it back seeing my brother eyeing

me suspiciously “Mom and Dad went to New York for a while on business” My brother Aiden said drinking some coffee “Ok!” I said trying to sound cheery “When are the pancakes gonna be ready?” I asked sitting down at the dining table with Charlotte, Kaitlyn and Alexis.

“Right now!” Alexander replied cheerfully as he walked in with a plate of chocolate chip pancakes that could feed everyone here and that would last till tomorrow “If your here to apologize for your brother...Tell him I’m fine.” I said sighing as I chowed down on the pancakes Alexander had just placed on my plate. I can never stay mad at anyone. Ever. Alexander smiled with joy and said “Ok!” Then he pulled out a cell phone and called next door. I looked out the window and saw Dorian jump and grab the phone. He had fallen off the couch it made me and my friends laugh.

My friends and I couldn’t help but laugh at him. Dorian blushed and waved through the window before he went into the other room and began talking on the phone. “I guess they aren’t so bad...” I said out loud not realising it, my friends stared at me with a shocked expression on their faces. Charlotte even dropped her pancakes! “I don’t like any of them like that okay? So just stop that!” I said blushing deep crimson. Charlotte started laughing while Alexis shook her head, “Are you sure about that Katie? Like really sure?” Kaitlyn asked eyeing Alexander “Because they are pretty cute.” I nearly choked on my pancakes. “YES!” I said after that I ate my pancakes in silence.

“Guys what are we gonna do now?” I said after we had all gotten dressed and Alexander left, then Charlotte blurted “Let’s bake cookies! You know for the neighbours!” We all looked at her like she was crazy but eventually we agreed. Baking cookies was so much fun, but then we had to deliver the cookies. I was nervous but my friends kept pushing me towards the door of the Creepy’s house (Yes Creepy was their last name). Alexis rang the door bell and we were silently arguing, then Seth opened the door and we had huge smiles on our faces. “We decided to bake you guy’s cookies, you know to welcome you to the neighbourhood and stuff” I managed to say without screaming. Seth had removed all his piercings and he was in P.J.’s I held back a giggle that time. “Thanks!” Seth said a huge smile lighting up his face.

The End

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