The Mall

As soon as we walked out of the theatre all the town boys stared at me. The boys I grew up with all my life. The boys that I played hockey with. They just stared at me like I was new! Jonathon the boy I had a crush on ever since 1st grade walked up to me and said “WOW! You look....Amazing” He took a step back like he was soaking it all in. I did a pirouette to show him the dress. “Thanks John Alexis picked it” I said blushing deep red, that’s when Kaitlyn quickly whispered in my ear “The creepies are staring at you...” I jumped back and said sorry to whoever I jumped into “Sorry John we have to go now...” I said. I looked around and saw the creepies in my favourite store Green Earth. John stared at me confused “But don’t you want to get a milkshake or something?” He looked in the direction I was looking “Oh I know you wanted to go shopping in Green Earth first! Since it’s your birthday I’ll buy you a present!” he looked at me pleadingly, I looked at my friends but they shrugged so I gave in “Ok John lets go” I smiled as he grabbed my hand and practically dragged me into the store. Thank god the creepies had left before we had gotten there.

My friends stood guard around the stores entrances as John and I looked around. In the end he ended up getting me a notebook that had a vampire on it and a rose quartz bracelet “I have to go now John but thanks” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek, he stood there dumbfounded as me and my friends left, but as soon as we were outside the creepies caught up to us and we didn’t even realise it! “Sorry for not introducing ourselves before but I’m Seth” The brunette said “He’s Dorian” Seth said pointing to the redhead “And of course you’ve already met my brother Alexander and my sister Veronica” He said pointing at the last two “We just wanted to say happy birthday and hello since we will be living next door from now on” He said smiling.

I kept back a scream and a smile was frozen on my face. I didn’t reply so Alexis did for me “Hello and welcome to the neighbourhood. Now if you don’t mind we were just leaving!” She said taking my arm and walking away “Wait!” Dorian said grabbing the wrist that didn’t have the bracelet on it a bit too hard “OW! Let go!” I said pulling away and he let go. I fell into a giant mud puddle. Dorian had an apologetic look on his face “Let me help...” He began but Charlotte cut him off as Kaitlyn and Alexis helped me up “You’ve helped enough for one day!” Charlotte snapped then she gave me the sweater back with a “Don’t worry it will get better” look on her face. I was crying as I put it back on. “Why did this have to happen to me?” I said as the tears stopped and my older brother came and picked us up.

I looked out the window to see Alexander and Seth yelling at Dorian. Veronica stared at me and mouthed “Sorry” I looked away and eventually fell asleep in the van my brother drove. I woke up when we were back at my house. I guess Aiden had carried me from the van to my room so I got changed and went downstairs. My friends already set up the sleeping bags and when Alexis saw me she ran and gave me a hug while Charlotte asked “Are you okay?” I sighed and hugged Alexis back “No! My day was just ruined by three creepy, hot, goth guys!” I almost started crying again... Almost. We went upstairs and my friends and brother sang me happy birthday while my mom brought out the cake, after we finished with the cake I opened more presents.

The End

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