After School

After school ended Alexis, Kaitlyn and Charlotte walked back to my house with me for the before the movie makeover. They wanted to get me out of my official single status. I hated when they did stuff like this because it made me feel like I’m not myself. That’s when we saw the moving trucks pull into the house next door to mine. That house has been empty for a while I thought it was nice before my friends nudged me and showed me who was living there. It was Seth, Dorian, Alexander and Veronica! I was shell shocked my jaw dropped when Seth waved at me with a big smile on his face. I haven’t even talked to him yet! My friends had to literally shove me through the door and into my room before I started yelling ``What are they doing here! I can’t believe they moved in next door! Does this mean I have to talk to them every day? Oh my gosh one of them waved at me!” I began totally freaking out before Alexis slapped me across the face.

“Thanks I needed that! But seriously What are they doing next door” I said calming down and sitting on my bed, Kaitlyn began work on my face as Alexis went to find me an outfit. Charlotte is my moral support “Probably moving in? I mean they probably live there now, they are the new kids and that is the only vacant house in this close a proximity to the school!” Charlotte said looking out my window “OOH! Your room is right next to the red heads!” Charlotte almost yelled “WHAT!!!” I screamed causing Kaitlyn to mess up my lipstick she sighed then fixed it “Katie calm down, you can keep the blinds closed and the boys share a room, Veronica is the one who gets her own room the red heads probably helping unpack! I heard them talking about it before we left from school.” Kaitlyn said as I began to scream inside. As soon as she noticed I was quiet she began to finish my makeup.

As soon as she finished Alexis came in with the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, it was blue with little sequins on the bottom, and on the skirt part it was wavy it looked like a waterfall it was short and had spaghetti strap sleeves. She handed it to me and I went to the bathroom to get changed. As soon as I was done the blinds were open and Alexis began working on jewellery. I wore the locket and the earrings I got from my class. We began talking then I noticed Seth, Dorian and Alexander come in and look out the window. They dropped everything they were carrying. My face turned bright red and I shut the blinds “This Is why I keep the blinds shut!” My friends were laughing their heads off and I sighed “if we don’t get going now we will miss the movie!”

We just arrived in time for the movie we were going to see “I’ve been waiting weeks for Vampireville The movie to come out!” I said as we walked into the theatre and took our seats “I know! It’s supposed to be better than Vampire Kisses but I don’t think it will be!” Alexis said tossing her hair over her shoulder kinda like a super model does. Charlotte stopped and had a “Don‘t look now” look on her face. “Ummm Katie don’t look now but the creepy quartet just walked into the theatre!” Charlotte said biting her lip. Kaitlyn thought fast “I brought the sweater!” she said throwing it at me I quickly put it on as the movie started. It took all the willpower I had not to scream at the new kids but I managed and I even relaxed after they obviously missed me and took the front row. I sighed and took my hoodie off. After the movie ended Kaitlyn and I were crying while Charlotte looked out for the creepy quartet and Alexis fixed my hair and dress.

The End

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