The Lake and The Vampire Hunter.

The lake was very peaceful this morning so I took off my shoes, rolled up my pants and sat down right at the edge and put my feet in. Then I saw a boy with bright orange hair come up to me. “Jacob!” I said getting up. I dusted myself off and smiled at the vampire hunter. “I thought you said you weren’t coming back.” I was curious as to why the vampire hunter was back. He looked at me before grabbing my arm and twisting it. I gasped in pain. He grabbed my other arm and pulled it around and bound them with really, really strong rope. “What are you doing?” I said wincing. Whenever I moved my wrist the ropes dug into them. He pulled out a silver pocket knife and cut my cheek open. I winced again. The blood dripped onto the grass as he pushed me towards the forest. “What are you doing!” I yelled as he pushed me. “Baiting your boyfriend.” He growled. Jacob didn’t look like the goofy boy I saw at the lake months earlier, he now looked dangerous and cruel. He kept pushing me and I fell a couple of times, but he just pulled me up by my hair. I wish Seth was here to save me. Jacob jerked me forward and I fell face down into the ground. He pulled me up and shoved me into a tree, he sat down and we stayed there for a really long time. He walked up to me and with his knife he cut the side of my neck. I whimpered in pain and sank to the ground. He stared at me with his heartless eyes and I spoke “Do you feel like a man when you push people around, when you kill people?” I asked angrily. “They are NOT people, they are monsters.” He snarled. He walked up to me and shoved may face into the ground. My neck was bleeding like crazy and I was in immense pain. “Your hurting me. I’ve had enough of this!” I screamed. I shrieked at the top of my lungs and I heard noises like birds flying away. He stepped on my head and shoved it into the dirt some more. “Shut up!” He yelled at me, I blinked and whimpered looking into the forest. The next thing I saw was Seth running towards Jacob fangs bared.

I didn’t even have time to scream Seth was on top of Jacob fighting him. I blinked and got up. I saw Jacob pull out a wooden stake so I shoved myself between him and Seth. I was expecting more pain but none came. Jacob was frozen gasping for air. The next thing I saw was Alexander glaring at Jacob. “Alex stop!” I yelled. He looked at me and stopped. Jacob had passed out on the grass and Alexander was searching his pockets. I looked at Seth who was crying. “Shhh, shhh. I’m alright. See? I’m fine.” I said trying to comfort him. “I didn’t get here in time. I’m so sorry.” He said the tears stopping. “Quiet Seth I don’t care! You got here and you helped me. I couldn’t ask for more.” I said struggling with the ropes. Seth cut the ropes with his nails, and I stroked his hair. “Well the vampire hunter is out cold I suggest we go to a wizard to get his memory erased.” Alexander said stretching. “I know just the wizard.” I said getting up and walking towards my house.

When we got to my house I took a shower got changed and treated my wounds. I walked downstairs in jean shorts, combat boots and a green t-shirt. Kaine was chatting with Alexander and Seth and Aiden were watching the Hockey game. Jacob was asleep on my bed. I walked over to Kaine and said “Kaine can you erase a vampire hunters memory?” I said it low enough that Kaine heard but Aiden didn’t. He nodded and I dragged him upstairs. He looked at Jacob mumbled something and a white light flashed momentarily blinding me. “I’ll take him to the lake.” Kaine said picking up Jacob and jumping out the window. I walked back downstairs and Saw Alexander, Seth and Aiden laughing together. I giggled, If only everyday was like this, then I would be truly happy.

The next four days went by really fast. No vampire hunters, no fighting, just me and Seth hanging out. The next day when I woke up. I showered changed my bandages, packed my bag and got ready for school. I hope I have the best year possible with Seth.

The End

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