I am so gonna die now!

“I got to go now.” Seth said getting up. I pouted and he smiled he messed up my hair and gave me a quick kiss before leaving I sat down and sketched an angel praying on a piece of lined paper before the door bell rang. I wonder who it is? I got up and opened the door. Dalton was standing there with two other guys one was short but very cute the other was big and muscular and kinda scary. “Umm can I help you?” I asked leaning in the door way. “I’m sorry…” Dalton said looking down. “For what?” I asked I was curious, what was he talking about? “For this.” He said touching the side of my neck. I collapsed and everything went black.

When I woke up I was lying on a bed as far as I knew and I could hear voices. My head hurt and I didn’t bother opening my eyes, I just concentrated on the conversation going on outside.

“I brought you the girl like you asked now let me be.” Dalton said obviously mad

“Yes you did bring me the girl but the wrong one! I asked for Veronica not her!” A man yelled back he sounded mad to. “You asked me to bring you the girl from the legend and I did.” Dalton said intensely. “Which is VERONICA!” The man yelled “No she isn’t. Veronica is and air element not a light element. Plus the light element is a human not a vampire.” Dalton retaliated. The man said nothing but by the noises I herd he stormed out in a puff of anger. Someone opened a door and I jumped a little. I opened my eyes and saw I was in a very big, very fluffy, very princess like bed and I was wearing a white princess gown that was very lacy. I sat up and looked around. The room was light and open and there was only one door. Dalton was sitting in front of my bed with a tortured expression on his face. “So you can cause people to black out? Is that your dark power?” I asked quietly, sitting up. He nodded and I got up and walked towards him. I sat down next to him and frowned. “You kidnapped me because?” I asked looked at him gently. He sighed before replying “Seth didn’t want to come for business and my father figured it was because he was protecting the light vampire, whom he thought was Veronica but isn’t because she just walked through the iron gate.” He looked absolutely Emo right now and I couldn’t help but giggle. He glanced at my face and blushed “Why am I in a princess gown?” I asked watching Dalton stand up. “Father commanded it.” He replied helping me up. I sighed and twirled. “Don’t worry Seth will be here to rescue you tomorrow, he already booked his flight.” Dalton said walking towards the door, I followed cautiously. Dalton was wearing a very medieval version of a suit. His blonde hair was perfectly messy and his obsidian eyes were dazzling. I smiled and followed him down a long hallway and into a very, very pink room where Veronica sat brushing her hair.

“Here V, she’s your responsibility now.” Dalton said walking away. I stood there and stared after him. “What the fudge are you doing here?” Veronica asked putting down her brush. I shrugged because well I really don’t know what I’m doing here either. Veronica sighed and stood up. “We should probably call Seth now shouldn’t we?” She asked tossing me her cell phone. I caught it and dialled Seth’s cell phone number. The phone rang several times before anyone answered. “What is it Veronica.” Seth growled through the phone. “Hi to you to.” I replied leaning against the door frame. “Katie? Is that you? Of course it’s you. Did he hurt you? I am gonna kill him for this.” Seth said angrily. “I’m fine and you won’t be killing anyone! Once you get here lets just go home because I cannot handle all this stress when school is in 6 days!” I said switching the phone to my other ear. “Of course my plane is landing now so come and meet me at the airport. I love you buy.” Seth said hanging up. “I love you to.” I said sighing and closing the phone. Veronica tossed me a pair of jeans and a black and pink striped shirt. She turned around and threw a bunch of bottles into a bag while I changed. It didn’t take long to get out of the dress and by the time I was done Veronica was ready to go in a pair of black jeans and a black “Bite Me” shirt. “Lets go.” She said slinging the bad over her shoulder and grabbing my hand and pulling me down the hall. Once we were out of the house I tuned to see it was a very large Victorian style mansion. Veronica pulled me along as we ran to the airport.

As soon as we arrived at the airport I saw Seth standing by the little café they had I ran over to him and hugged him. He looked down at me and smiled. I nearly cried but instead I kissed him. Kissing Seth was like tasting the worlds best wine, addicting and overpowering butt then Veronica coughed and I pulled away and blushed. “Mom and dad already know and are taking care of it. She’s sending us home. Alexander and Dorian should be here right about now.” Veronica said and sure enough Alexander and Dorian where right behind us with smiles on their faces. “Hi Katie” Dorian said fiddling with a videogame he had. Then his expression changed to a “Wait a minute” look, he looked up and said “Katie?” I giggled “I was kidnapped.” I replied grabbing Seth’s hand. Alexander twitched and Dorian gasped. “I already got the tickets.” Veronica said grabbing Dorian and Alexander’s hands and dragging them towards the terminal. Seth and I followed them quickly.

As soon as we were on the plane I almost instantly relaxed. Until I saw a boy with wolf ears sitting in front of me. I froze and looked at Seth who tapped the wolf boy on the shoulder. “Yo Vince my man!” Seth said to the wolf boy. “My blood brother.” The boy whom Seth called Vince said. They did their boy handshake thing before Vince turned to look at me and grinned “And who is this fine specimen you have sitting next to you” He said his teeth showing. I grabbed Seth’s arm and looked away blushing. “That’s Katie” Seth said smirking at Vince. “Dude she’s bloodstruck!” Vince whispered. Seth nodded and Vince turned to look at me “Is she really the you know…?” Vince asked still looking at me. Seth shrugged and pulled his arm away from me and put it around my shoulders. Vince turned around and I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up I was lying in my bed surrounded by red roses. I giggled and sat up. I got changed and danced my way downstairs. “Good morning Aiden.” I said melodically kissing the top of my brothers head as he drank his cup of coffee and grabbed myself a muffin from the kitchen. Then I realized I was kidnapped yesterday by the prince of vampires and high school was only five days away! I stopped dancing and ate my muffin in silence. Then the door bell rang and I walked over and answered it. When I opened the door Kaine was standing there, holding some paper. “Hi Kaine.” I said stepping aside. Kaine Smiled then whispered something and then it seemed like he was glowing. “God damn it Kaine! I know what you are! Do not do that tripy crap to me!” I whispered blinking several times. I pushed him out of the way and headed towards the lake.

The End

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