You have a WHAT?

I walked over to my closet and grabbed a school uniform… wait a minute… school uniform? I threw it back in my closet and grabbed a short lilac dress with amethyst shorts and grape high-tops. I got changed quickly before opening the door. Seth was standing outside wearing a grey tank top and beige cargo’s. I giggled and grabbed a marker, Seth gave me a curious expression. On his tank top I drew a smiley face and I drew fangs coming from his mouth. Seth rolled his eyes kissed the top of my head. “Silly.” He said, I stuck my tongue out at him but quickly put it back in my mouth because I knew that if I stuck my tongue out at Seth he would grab it like I did to him. “Hey do you have all your stuff for high school yet?” I asked walking down the stairs. “Yeah.” Seth said following me down the stairs. If I asked a direct question he would give me a direct answer. “Seth are you actually going on a family vacation?” I asked walking towards the living room. “Nope, at least I’m not going anyways.” He replied. I wonder why… “Why?” I asked walking into the living room. “Because it’s political stuff, and I have to protect you from anything that comes near.” He replied sitting down on my couch. Huh that’s interesting… Vampire politics. “Thank you.” I said sitting down and cuddling him. He smiled and kissed the top of my head. I blushed and lightly hit him. I can’t believe Seth and I have been dating nearly half a year! And I know nothing about him… Idea time! I quickly got up and grabbed two pieces of paper and two pencils before handing one of each to Seth. He looked at me confused but I just smiled. “We are going to write down things about ourselves that we haven’t told each other.” I said beginning to write on my paper. Seth smiled and began to write. In the end I ended up writing :

1) I have photographic memory

2) I used to have a crush on Kaine

3) My favourite colour is blue

4) I hate heights

5) I adore Marianas Trench

6) I love eating lemon ice cream

7) I want a mustang

8) I love the Twilight series

9) I want to become a world famous artist one day

10) I hate clothes shopping

I handed my list to Seth and he handed his to me. He wrote :

1) I hate hurting people

2) I have a belly button piercing

3) My favourite colour is red

4) I used to have a crush on a girl in New York

5) I have a tattoo on my right shoulder

6) My favourite band is Our Lady Peace

7) I like strawberry ice cream

8) I think Twilight is biased

9) I want to play guitar forever

10) I own a motorcycle

“You have a tattoo?” I asked curiously looking at Seth. He smiled at me and his piercings glittered, making me blink. “You have photographic memory?” He retaliated, leaning towards me. “Yes I do, I remember the poem Alexander read to me that you wrote.

What a rose can say

A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine,

A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind,

A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be,

A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me,

A rose can say I'm sorry if I've hurt you in any way,

A rose can say get well soon, may God bless you today,

A rose can say I wish you happiness, and the best for you each day.

A rose can say farewell when someone goes away,

A rose can say hello, I'm thinking of you today,

There's just so many wonderful things that a rose can say,

A rose can say goodbye when a love one is laid to rest,

No matter what there is to say, a rose can say it best.”

I recited the poem fluently and clearly. Seth looked at me, his mouth was closed and he wasn’t smiling but he didn’t look upset. “So that’s where my poetry book went.” He said smiling at me. “Now show me this “Tattoo” of yours mister.” I replied jumping on Seth he pulled down the back of his shirt and I gasped. He did have a tattoo! It was a Chinese symbol meaning air. I remember seeing it online. “That is so cool!” I said touching it lightly. “Everyone in my family has one, it’s a mark to show what element you belong to.” Seth said fixing his sleeve. I nodded and chewed on the back of my pencil. “You do realize school starts in a week right?” He asked leaning back against my couch. “Really? Wow.” I replied “I wish summer would last forever.” I don’t want to go to high school because they make you wear uniforms no matter what. I hate uniforms so much! They just take away from my creative flow.

The End

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