“I might have to leave for a family thing sometime this summer” Seth said as he opened the door for me and I walked through. Family vacation that doesn’t sound so bad now does it? “Okay.” I said waiting for him to come in. He hesitated but walked in. We wandered around until we found my brother and the band in the usual practising place. Kaine was already socializing with the rest of the band so I didn’t even bother walking over to them. Seth gave me a quick kiss before he went to go help set up. Zoë was late but eventually she showed up. Like Seth, Zoë can be such a space case sometimes! “Sorry I’m late!” she cried running to go help set up. She barely noticed Kaine until he walked up to her. “Hi.” He said but she ignored him and kept working. I giggled and sat at the very top of the stands. I noticed more and more people came to the practises and even more people came to the concerts. I wonder why? People barely came until Seth joined the band. Coincidence? I think not. I looked over to Seth who tuning his guitar, he looked up and smiled at me. I smiled and waved back. “Okay lets get this practise started.” Aiden said walking up to the microphone. I knew what song they were going to start with, he wrote it a few weeks ago with Zoë. It was called “My Sisters Vampire”. I laughed so hard when I herd the name for the first time. The song was about me dating Seth and how much Aiden hated it. It was funny in a cute, brotherly kind of way. The song started with a base guitar solo, then the drums came in and then the guitar. A few seconds after guitar Aiden began to sing and I relaxed.

I sat there for who knows how long while the band practise and once my butt started to hurt. I began walking around aimlessly. Thinking about stuff like: I wonder where Seth is going for his family vacation. Maybe he’ll take me with him. I still have to buy my high school uniform. Why did Kaine come back after such a long time? I mean I know Kaine and he’s cool and all but when he wants to disappear he will and he usually never comes back. I kept thinking about these kind of things till I eventually wandered into the suites. Again. This kind feels like déjà vu. Next thing you know Seth will come to get me and catch me in his arms. I giggled at the thought. If Seth is my Edward Cullen and Alexander is my Mike Newton then who’s my Jacob Black? Why am I still using a twilight comparison? I have no clue. Maybe I really am blood struck for Seth. Oh well. Some one called my name and broke my chain of thought. “Hey! Katie! Come on!” It was Seth he was in the exact same spot as he was last time I got stuck in the suites. Definitely déjà vu. “I still can’t get down Seth.” I said looking down at him. He smiled and reached out his arms. “And I’ll still catch you.” He replied sweetly. I blushed then jumped into his arms, and just like last time he spun me around and set me down, and I held on longer then necessary. “Déjà vu ?” I said letting go of Seth. “Déjà vu.” Seth replied holding my hand. We walk silently out of the complex and into the rain. “Crap!” I said giggling and running to my house. Seth kept pace easily and picked me up. He smiled at me and jumped. He jumped so High that we were above the clouds and out of the rain. Boy were we high up. Did I mention I hate heights? No? Well I do. Terribly. “Seth.” I said gasping and holding on to his shirt tight. He just smiled and after a while of flying he dropped. Not lightly descended bit by bit but straight down dropped. He landed on my roof making no noise at all. “Fun?” He asked setting me on my feet. I stumbled a bit and replied “Not really, no.” a felt like I was going to puke. I should have told him that I hate heights, before, we flew. He helped me get off the roof and knocked on the front door. Aiden opened the door and we both walked in. He still glared at Seth but I ignored it. “Towels please?” I asked standing there. Despite our shortcut above the clouds I still got wet when we stood on the roof. Aiden threw a towel at me then one at Seth. Aiden is being a major jerk face today! I wonder why? Oh well never mind I have bigger issues like what the heck am I going to do now! I had plans to go to the lake with Seth but now those thoughts are ruined because the weather man can’t predict the weather. I dried most of the water so that I wasn’t dripping. I began to walk towards the stairs and Seth followed and when I turned to go into Aiden’s room he stopped “I don’t think we should go in there.” Seth said looking at the door which was covered in police tape and danger signs. “I’m just going to go in and grabbing you some clothes.” I said opening the door. Seth fidgeted nervously and I rolled my eyes. He was being uptight and I didn’t like that. I searched through Aiden’s messy drawers till I found something remotely clean and I threw it at Seth. “Get changed in the bathroom.” I said walking into my room. My room was clean and organized. A large window to the north with a window seat, my bed to the east, my desk and dresser to the west, and my closet and door to the south. The walls were dark blue but you could hardly see them because of all the drawings I had taped to them. I had a red carpet on my floor (Round not like the ones you see at the Grammies) and the floor was covered in pencils and coloured pencils. Aiden’s room was the exact opposite in every way. A small window to the east, his bed, dresser and desk were to the north, his door was to the west and his closet was to the south. No carpet and black walls which had a pinup poster and a few of his favourite bands posters covered his walls and his guitar was lying across the floor like he didn’t care about it. I swear I am going to go in there and clean that boys room for him!

The End

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