The Wizard Returns

The next day when I woke up I herd Aiden laughing downstairs. I quickly got dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a “Romeo my Juliet” t-shirt. I walked down the stairs and saw a boy that I didn’t know sitting with Aiden. The boy had blue, green and red hair with hints of brown and purple eyes. All I could think of was wizard, but that sounded ridiculous, even to me. “Hi?” I said cautiously walking down the stairs and into the kitchen. “Hello…” The boy said checking me out. What the heck was his problem? I walked up to him smiled and slapped him. Aiden burst out laughing again. “I have a boyfriend thank you very much Aiden.” I said turning to him. “I do not need anyone else trying to hit on me or check me out.” I said angrily before kicking Aiden in the shin. “You don’t recognize me do you Katie?” The boy said smiling and rubbing the spot where I slapped him. I gave him a questioning look. Should I know him? I mean he dresses just like my brother but he has this air about him… I guess it’s just my imagination but he does seem familiar. “It’s Kaine.” Aiden said laughing. I stared open mouthed at Aiden. “He looks different.” I said shaking my head and grinning. Kaine was my brothers best friend and the guy who taught me how to draw. He moved away a few years ago and never told anyone. He didn‘t give an address or a phone number or anything. I missed him. “Yeah he just moved into town, he’s going to be the bands advertising manager.” Aiden said grinning at me. I rolled my eyes “I have to go meet Seth before I go to your practise.” I said walking out the door. Aiden and Kaine both burst out laughing after I left.

I walked over to the Creepy’s house and knocked on the door. Alexander was the one who answered. “Hi. Is Seth here?” I asked Sheepishly. I haven’t exactly been on good terms with Alexander since me and Seth got back together. Alexander smirked and yelled “SETH! YOUR BLOOD STRUCK GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!” Blood struck? What the heck is that. I barely saw Seth race down the stairs he was so fast. “Hi. I like your shirt.” He said smiling. I giggled and noticed Seth was wearing ripped jeans, a black “Vampires are hot.” t-shirt, black combat boots and he had all his piercings in. I giggled again and said “Ditto.” He smiled again and light glittered of his teeth. “Oh and by the way what does blood struck mean?” I asked as he walked out of their house, I thought I saw Alexander glare at me but I ignored it. “Blood struck means a human that is infatuated with a vampire, it’s different for other species like for werewolves it’s hound struck and for wizards and witches it’s magic struck.” Seth replied putting his arm around my shoulder and holding me close. “A hah! There are others! “ I said looking up at Seth as we walked towards my house. “Of course! There are vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, warlocks, sirens, elves and tons more.” He said mockingly. I glared at him “In serious context there are only vampires, wizards and witches, and werewolves.” Seth said again kissing the top of my head. We walked close to each other until we got to my door then he removed his arm and held my hand. Aiden doesn’t like the Creepy’s much, but he loves it when his best friends hit on me. I swear there is something wrong with that boy! I opened the door and we walked in together, and guess what? Kaine was still there! I thought he would leave. “We’re back.” I said pulling Seth towards my room and past the kitchen but Kaine had to open his mouth. “Hey! Aren’t you gonna introduce me to your boyfriend?” he said probably smirking. I glared at nothing in particular but I stopped, turned around and dragged Seth into the kitchen. I stood there as Aiden and Kaine assessed Seth. “Seth this is Kaine. Kaine this is Seth.” I said making gestures to point out who was who, and Aiden laughed. I glared at him and he shut up. Seth grinned and held his hand out for a handshake. Kaine smiled and said “Yo.” and shook Seth’s hand. “Howdy.” Seth replied releasing Kaine’s hand. Then I dragged Seth the heck out of the kitchen and into my bedroom.

“I hate them!” I said letting go of Seth’s hand and jumping on my bed. Seth grinned and said “Yeah I can’t believe your brothers friends with a wizard!” Seth began laughing and fell on the bed beside me. “You know to?” I said leaning on Seth. “The eyes gave it away. I’m surprised he doesn’t wear contacts.” Seth said kissing me on the cheek. “The way he looked just screamed it.” I said snuggling with Seth. He stuck his tongue out at me and I grabbed it and pulled on it. “Let go!” He said but it sounded more like “Plet Plo!” I laughed and let go and he rubbed his tongue. He smiled and began tickling me “Stop it Seth!” I said laughing and giggling, then some one knocked on the door and said “It’s time to go!” It was Aiden. He was being a prat like usual. “Coming!” Me and Seth both shouted at the same time. We laughed and Seth ran out the door and I followed slowly after.

Seth and I were going to walk to the Parkers Complex while my brother and Kaine drove. Seth forgot his guitar so he quickly grabbed his guitar from his house and ran back outside to meet me. He slung the guitar over his shoulder and grabbed my hand. “Seth your family is related to Dalton right? So what is he light or dark?” I asked as we walked hand in hand down the street to the Parkers Complex. He thought about it before he spoke “Dark. There hasn’t been a light vampire in over 1 million years. Legends tell of a beautiful human girl who captured the heart of every vampire she met and eventually she was turned. When she was a white light emitted from her body and every one knew that she was the light vampire.” he had a spaced out look on his face so I nudged him. My gosh! Seth was such an air head! I absolutely without a doubt loved him but if he was gonna be such a space case I might as well have gone with Aiden and Kaine. “Sorry I was just thinking of how the girl from the legend sounds a lot like you.” Seth said smiling. I blushed. Okay maybe he was an airhead but he was a cute airhead who knows how to make a girl feel special! We walked for a few more blocks silently until we got to the Parkers Complex.

The End

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