Kidnapped? ... not really

Dalton ran at top speed all the way to the lake. Why do all the bad things happen at the lake? That’s when he dropped me, right on my butt. I looked up at Dalton I was still crying “Why? Why?” I asked “Why did you take me?” I curled up in a little ball. Dalton had a confused look on his face “I… I don’t know.” he admitted sitting down next to me. “I guess I was jealous of Seth.” he said again lying down looking at the stars. “Why? You probably have everything considering you’re a prince and all.” I replied wiping away the tears and taking my gloves off. “Because he has everything money can’t buy. A loving family that isn‘t trying to kill you, a girlfriend who isn’t trying to steal his throne and a father who loves him and doesn’t ignore him.” Dalton said closing his eyes. “Your conceited you know that? But I do feel bad for you… Leave my town and try again in a different one. Use a fake name, maybe you’ll fall in love.” I said staring at the stars. Dalton smiled and nodded before he got up and left.

I sighed and collapsed on the grass. I thought I heard someone running and after I blinked Seth was kneeling next to me. “He didn’t hurt you did he?” Seth asked closing his eyes. “Nope. I even got him to leave the town.” I replied sitting up and touching Seth’s face. His skin was the same temperature as mine. “I have one question though.” I said as Seth opened his eyes “Ask away.” he replied grabbing my hand and holding it in his. “Is the vampire world like Twilight or different?” I asked giggling. Seth began to lie down and he pulled me on top of him. “Nothing like it.” he replied moving a piece of hair away from eyes. “We don’t sparkle in the sun, we can’t survive on animal blood, we don’t have venom, we still age until we turn a human into a vampire or decide we want to stop but we can start ageing anytime we want, we aren’t ice cold and we aren’t invincible.” Seth smiled at me like he thought it was cute that I wanted to know about vampires. I gave him a confused look. “We have one kingdom and one ruler kinda like the Volturi run the vampires in Twilight. The ruler decides the rules, hence the name. You are born into it or if the king has no heirs their closest relatives get the throne. We can go out into sunlight but it’s much, much easier to hunt at night. I don’t know why we use the term hunt because we don’t kill anybody. We drink of people sleeping or are to drunk to remember anything. It isn’t painful at all, and to turn someone into a vampire you must exchange blood, not just bite it’s so we don’t create an army of vampires unknowingly. We also get blood from blood banks. We age so we can fit in and because moving around is a hassle. Oh! And We aren’t ice cold because we have human blood flowing through our veins, we have to eat human food to survive but once a week we have to hunt to keep the blood circulating.” Seth said kissing me. “What about the super power things?” I asked lying down beside him and cuddling him. “Partially true. Every vamp belongs to a family of an element and can do things according to that element. My family is air. Veronica has the ability to become weightless . Dorian can create tornados with his hands. Alexander can suffocate some one by removing all oxygen from their body and I can fly.” Seth turned to face me and he smiled. “Fly?” I said questioningly “No one can fly.” I sat up and stared at him with my left eyebrow raised. “Yes fly.” Seth replied standing up. He grabbed my hand and helped me up. He turned around and I climbed on his back. He jumped in the air and suddenly we were soaring. “Okay so you weren’t kidding.” I said gasping and holding onto Seth tighter. He smiled and he flew right to my house.

He landed on my front porch and smiled at me. His piercing glittered from the porch light. I smiled to and leaned forward. He knew what I was thinking and leaned down and passionately kissed me. Then my dad came out the front door “WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER!!!!” My dad yelled his face reddening. “ Déjà vu.” I said blushing stepping in front of Seth. “Nothing dad. I was just saying goodnight to the boy who saved my life while you were gone.” I looked back at Seth as I said it and he was staring off in a different direction blushing. It made me giggle. “Oh. Your brother never mentioned that… I have to go to Tennessee with your mother we might not be back until next year.” my dad said his face returning to normal. Aiden glared at me from the living room, which was clearly visible from the front door way. “Oh that’s okay daddy.” I said smiling I kissed my dad on the cheek as he climbed into his car and left. It was already loaded and mom waved from the front seat. I waved by then turned to Seth. “Come on inside” I said walking inside. Seth followed smiling. I looked at Aiden and frowned “What did I do to deserve your constant torment?” I asked Aiden who just glared at Seth. Aiden didn’t reply so I walked upstairs with Seth.

We walked into my room and I grabbed my vampire diary. Seth gave me a curious look. “No. For my eyes only.” I said grabbing a pencil that was lying on my desk. I wrote everything that had happened in the past few weeks, and everything Seth had told me about vampires. “I have another question. You know how you told me each vampire family belonged to an element? How many elements are there?” I asked still writing. Seth sat on my bed and started to think. “I only know some like the basic four, for one, fire, air, water and earth. Then there are the ruling families elements which is either light or dark.” Seth said grabbing the stuffed animal I had sitting on my pillow. I wrote down everything he said. “Then we have the minor elements that are weaker then the ruling ones and the main ones. They are rain, ice, snow, plant, mineral, cloud, ember, ash, smoke, fog and many more undiscovered ones.” Seth said out of breathe he got up and walked over to me, as I finished writing everything down and closed my book. “Why are you so curious?” Seth asked looking down at me, his face curious. “Because you intrigue me and because you’re my boyfriend and I should know more about you.” I replied looking him in the eye. “Oh and don’t leave me like Edward left Bella because I don’t have a Jacob to go to.” I said seriously. Seth sighed and smiled “Well you’ll find your Jacob eventually and I promise you that I won’t leave you.” Seth said grabbing my hand. We just held hands for a while before Aiden decided it was his unofficial duty to kick Seth out. I can’t believe Aiden was being so judgemental! It’s a good thing the band had practise tomorrow or Aiden probably wouldn’t have let me out of the house. I sighed as Seth left. I glared at Aiden and stomped on his foot before grabbing my bag of toiletries and taking my shower. After I had finished in the shower I put on a nightgown and went to bed..

The End

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