Dance Baby

The week passed by quickly. Aiden ignored me, he’s still mad about the Alexander/Seth thing, Veronica hung out with John, Charlotte hung out with Dorian and I hung out with Seth. The day of the Dance Veronica dragged me away to her house. “No! Please No! Why???” I whined all the way up until she started on my hair. I was wearing my little black dress, with some snazzy black heels. I was wearing elbow length black gloves and was carrying a black purse with a spaghetti strap handle. My hair was straightened and the ends spiked out and there was a black headband with a little bow at the side on my head. I was nervous. Veronica was wearing a low cut little red dress with long sleeves and fishnet stockings, with knee high black boots. She pushed me out her bedroom door and to the top of the stairs. I looked down to see Seth wearing a black tux with a white flower in the pocket. Seth smiled at me as I descended the stair case, I was watching to make sure I didn’t trip and fall, but ended up tripping anyways. Seth caught me and spun me to the ground much like he did at the balcony the one night so long ago. “Thanks.” I said letting go of him “No problem. You look... Gorgeous!” Seth said kissing the top of my head. I blushed again. Alexander just stared at me with an angered expression on his face. “Is everyone going to the dance?” I asked Seth looking away from Alexander “No. Dorian is going to the movies with Charlotte and my mom and dad will be going hunting.” Seth replied putting his arm around my shoulder. Seth had gotten taller, even in heels I was shorter than him! I looked up at Seth who had stopped in front of the door. I walked over to him and I was standing behind Seth “What do you think you’re doing here!” he growled at whoever was standing in front of the door “I just came to see my favourite cousin!” The boy in front of him replied “Where are you going dressed up like that?” The boy asked. I peeked out behind Seth and heard the boy gasp.

“Well, well, welly, well, well!” The boy said “Haven’t you been productive since you left!” The boy walked around Seth to get a better look at me. The boy was handsome but something about him just wasn’t right. “Well why don’t you introduce us?” The boy asked Seth “This is my cousin and his royal highness Prince Dalton Helios the Third.” Seth said angrily “Dalton this is my girlfriend Katie” Seth stepped back so Dalton could see me better. I made note that the emphasis was on the word my in that sentence. “Hello.” I said shyly, looking down. Dalton had a big evil grin on his face “You know you will have to change her so you won’t be killed right?” Dalton asked Seth still grinning evilly. “We have to go now!” I said grabbing Seth’s hand and pulling Seth towards the door. I had an angry pout on my face. We had left Dalton standing there with his mouth hanging open like an idiot.

The walk to the complex wasn’t far but the walk was silent. As soon as we were a safe distance from the house, Seth burst out laughing “Hahahahahahah! Did you see his face? He has never been ignored in his life and now! Wow you sure are something!” Seth took my hand and swung it back and forth between us “I thought you guys stopped talking because I insulted your “Prince”!” I said laughing along with Seth. “No. He’s royal but only a royal pain!” Veronica said giggling. That’s when we heard the music playing and I realized we were at the complex.

We walked into the dance and I gasped. It was beautiful! It looked like the lake had materialized here! The tables were covered with different coloured table cloths and on top of the tables were Wildflower centerpieces. The walls were covered in blue tapestries and everyone looked amazing. “Wow!” I said under my breath, soaking it all in “It looks just like...” I began “The lake? I know I wanted it to be like that.” Mellisa a girl from my hockey team said looking at me “We went there when we were younger remember?” She asked. I nodded smiling. I hugged her “It’s been a while!” I said happily, releasing her. “I was the decorator.” Melissa said smiling. I noticed Alexander was staring at her the way he stared at me before, when we were close. I smiled. He deserved somebody other than me. Just than Seth pulled me onto the dance floor. The song that was playing was Love Story by Taylor Swift, one of my favourite songs, and we danced. We danced the whole time. Seth held me close and we just danced. It was wonderful until Dalton showed up. Then it went bad.

Dalton walked in like he owned the place, dressed up in a mobster suit. All the girls were whispering and giggling, I thought I was gonna throw up! “What’s he doing here!” I whispered to Seth as we walked off the dance floor to the darkest part of the room. “I don’t know!” Seth hissed “But he won’t be here for long!” Seth rolled up his sleeves and walked over to Dalton. Terror shook through my body as I watched Seth approach him.

“What are you doing here?” Seth asked obviously angry. “Whoa! Calm down! I wanted to see what it would be like” Dalton replied smirking at Seth, that’s when it got ugly. Dalton swung at Seth and Seth dodged. Seth got a clear hit and punched Dalton in the face. Dalton growled and swung at Seth again this time Seth stopped Dalton’s fist with his hand and Grabbed Daltons arm and twisted it around. Dalton gasped in pain. “Leave. Now.” Seth ordered. Dalton growled again. This time he lunged at me. Before I knew it Dalton had my hands together behind my back and a knife to my neck. I gasped “Let her go.” Seth cautioned “No!” Dalton growled again pushing the knife against my throat. By then everybody had evacuated the complex thanks to Mellissa and Alexander. “Please...” I said tears streaming down my face “Please let me go!” I looked up at Dalton who had a bemused expression on his face. He backed up with me still in his grasp. Dalton kept walking backwards with me, then he picked me up and ran.

The End

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