I Choose....

That’s when we heard the crash. We looked out my window to see Seth and Alexander bighting at each other heading towards the forest. I ran towards my window a scared expression on my face. Veronica grabbed me and said “Hold on!” I held on tight as she ran and jumped out my window. She ran towards where they were fighting by the time we caught up to them we were a the lake again. Funny how every fight ends up being at the lake. Veronica put me down and tried to separate her brothers but it didn’t work. We had to wait until they were tired out. Seth had weakened Alexander dramatically but Alexander had broken one of Seth’s arms and cut Seth’s face. After it was too much and Alexander had Seth down I screamed “NO!” and ran over to Seth “You can’t Alexander! I...I...I think I love him!” I cried and held Seth in my arms and stroked his hair “I always knew that.” he said before passing out. Alexander looked at me anger and sorrow crossed his face “No....NO!” He cried running into the deep part of the forest. Veronica put her hand on my shoulder and smiled at me “Good job kiddo.” She said “Now let me take Seth home, Dorian and my dad are already looking for Alexander.” I helped her pick Seth up and she carried him back to their house.

Seth was unconscious for three days and I stayed by his side the entire time. Alexander had come back but I didn’t want to see him. Aiden allowed me over there only because I said I was hanging out with Veronica. Aiden hated Seth and Alexander but he didn’t mind Veronica and I think he actually liked Dorian! When Seth finally woke up, fully healed, I hugged him “I’m so sorry!” I said crying again. He stroked my hair “I should be the one apologizing! I said all those mean things!” Seth replied sitting up “I have to go hunting now, but I will see you after okay?” he asked “Okay.” I said sitting up. I watched Seth stand up and walk out the door, but instead of leaving he came back and gave me a quick kiss. I blushed and he smiled I fell back onto the couch Veronica had lied Seth on and I giggled. Alexander walked in and stood at the door frowning “How you can stand him I’ll never understand!” Alexander said before he turned and walked away. I stuck my tongue out at him and muttered “Coward...” Alexander quickly came back and grabbed the neck of my shirt and whispered in my ear “Never call me that ever again.” He released my shirt and left. I was frozen in place. I was frozen until Seth came back. “Seth why is Alexander such a jerk?” I asked unfreezing. “Well that’s only if you call him a coward. He had a bad experience as a kid and now he tries to be a macho, macho man” Seth said sitting down next to me. “I was wondering...” I said shyly “What?” Seth asked looking at me. I blushed “There’s a dance this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me!” I blurted looking away. Seth smiled again and tuned my head so I would look at him “Of course my Juliet!” he said I turned red and I kissed him.

The weekend before the dance Veronica and her mom (Whose name is Victoria. Weird huh?) Took me dress shopping out of town. We went to thirty-one different dress stores ( I counted ) and I tried on big dresses, blue dresses, green dresses, new dresses and hundreds more. “Are we almost done!” I cried as we walked into the thirty-second store and looked around. I sat down near the back. After about an hour of looking around Veronica and Victoria walked over to where I was sitting and showed me a black dress that had spaghetti strap sleeves, a belt with a white flower on it and there was lace at the neck and bottom if the dress. I took the dress and walked into the dressing room. It didn’t take long to get it on, but I stood in the dressing room staring at myself in the mirror and turning not believing my eyes, the dress fit perfectly! I walked out, shyly, doing a pirouette to show them the dress.

Veronica clapped and Victoria nodded her head “It’s the one!” Veronica said happily “Now wasn’t all the shopping worth it?” She asked again “Maybe” I said walking back into the dressing room. “I’ll get it for you.” Victoria said “It’s the least I can do. You made Seth so happy!” I blushed and quickly got changed. “Are we leaving now?” I asked walking out of the dressing room. “Yes.” Victoria said taking the dress and paying for it. “We don’t have to go accessory shopping because I have the perfect things for this dress!” Veronica said grabbing my hand and tugging me towards the door I groaned.

The End

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