WTH are you doing?

Aiden was making me go to his band practise again. So when we got there I automatically sat at the very top of the stands. Aiden was practising the albums song today. It was called “Arm Candy”.

Seth started with guitar first. Then Aiden began

Zoë finished with an awesome drum solo.

I clapped and so did Alexander who somehow sneaked in while I wasn’t looking. I stared at him and he stared at me. Then I smiled, and then he smiled. “Hi” I said “Hi” He said sitting down next to me. We sat there as the band practiced. After a while I looked at Alexander and he was looking at me, he leaned in just a bit, I did to. Our lips met with a very shy kiss. I thought I heard a guitar string break and then I heard Aiden shout “WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING WITH MY SISTER!” Aiden was generally pissed. I turned bright red, I forgot about the band practise. “Nothing Aiden! Nothing!” Alexander shouted back smiling. The band continued practise but the guitar parts sounded really angry, and it scared me. I looked at Seth who had a pissed off expression on his face.

After practise was over Alexander came back to our house with me to hang out. Aiden was even more pissed now.

We hung out for weeks and weeks. And now we were sitting in my room watching Vampire Kisses on DVD. I was leaning on his shoulder. After the movie was over I went to grab the DVD remote but my hand met Alexander’s. I looked at him and he looked at me then he leaned in and I froze again. He leaned in more and kissed me. Again! I turned bright red and pushed him away again “Alexander...I... I can’t do this.” I said looking him in the eyes “Why not?” He replied toying with a piece of my hair “Be...Because I just can’t.” I turned my face away “Why?” Alexander said sternly and something inside me told the truth “Because I still have feelings for Seth!” I shouted crying “And it kills me every time I see him with that twisted expression on his face. It...It’s like I don’t know him anymore!” Alexander looked at me as the tears streamed down my face and he laughed a little “Well. Well then Seth and Veronica will love this!” He said leaving I sat in my bed crying until I got a tap on my window.

I opened the blinds and saw Veronica standing there on the rope that had been attached there since we were still in school. My mouth hung open in shock. “Open the window!” Veronica said “Please!” I unlatched and opened the window, and Veronica was sitting on my bed before I even knew what happened “Why are you here Veronica?” I asked closing my window again “I’m here to help you decide!” She replied looking at me sternly. “Huh?” I said clueless to what she was referring to “Decide on Seth or Alex!” She said again. I looked at her my eyes wide with fear “Now don’t give me that look! They won’t shut up about you, and they fight every day!” She said sadly “I hate seeing them like that!” She said walking over to me “So for goodness sake choose!” Veronica was clearly upset but so was I. I sat down on my bed and thought about when Seth and Alexander got into an argument about me in their room, the one that made me break-up with Seth .

“What the heck did you think you were doing with Katie!” Seth yelled at Alexander. I had put the phone onto speaker phone so Alexis could hear it and she shut up as soon as she heard Seth begin to talk “All I’m saying is that she deserves someone who cares about her!” Alexander retaliated not noticing me sitting on my bed staring at them “I care about her more than you do!” Seth screamed “All I think is she deserves some one that won’t leave at a moment’s notice!” Alexander screamed back “I would do anything for her!” Seth yelled again “Anything?” Alexander asked “Anything.” Seth said firmly “Would you be willing to change her into one of us?” Alexander said interrogatingly “....” Seth didn’t reply “I knew it! I knew you didn’t care! I knew you were just playing her!” Alexander said triumphantly “Fine! You win! Your right I was playing her! I was bored! I needed something to do! Ok! Are you Happy now?” Seth yelled back.

Then it hit me! Alexander wanted Seth and me to break-up! He wanted us to break-up so he wouldn’t have a hard time stealing me away! “Veronica…!” I said looking at her with a confused expression on my face “Seth was the one who has done everything for you. He bought the roses for you when we first met. He wrote the poem that Alexander read, and He killed his uncle whom he thought was his father for you!” Veronica said “ I want what’s best for both my brothers but when Alexander does something like this it makes me so mad!” I walked over to her “I’ve decided I choose...”

The End

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