Fresh air and Vampire hunters?

The next day I woke up and had breakfast. I took a shower and got dressed. Then I went outside, and for the first time in weeks I walked to the lake. The walk there was peaceful and quiet. Did I mention quiet? Well it was until Seth magically appeared and ruined my day “Hey!” he said wiping something off his face. I didn’t answer I just kept walking but Seth caught up to me “Why aren’t you talking to me?” He asked puzzled. I stopped walking and glared at him. “Is it because of what happened before?” he asked again. I still didn’t reply “You know I didn’t mean it!” Seth said stopping in front of me and looking me in the eyes. “Then you shouldn’t have sounded so convincing!” I yelled and Seth backed up “Go home Seth” I said sighing “Leave me alone” I walked around him and continued on my way to the lake. Seth stood there looking surprised and upset.

As soon as I got to the lake I breathed in the fresh, lake air and looked around. The lake seemed different somehow, almost scary. I haven’t visited the lake since Seth had taken me the week after school ended. I sighed, sitting down on the very end of the dock that my parents had built. I missed them they have been gone a long time. Then I felt someone grab my shoulder, and I grabbed that persons arm and flipped the person over my head, and into the lake. I looked at the person and noticed that he seemed harmless. The person was wearing blue jeans, a white blouse with a green V-neck sweater with a beige jacket. It was a boy and he had a brown satchel, red runners and a plaid scarf. His hair was fire orange and his eyes were pale green.

“Sorry!” I said going to help the stranger out of the lake “No biggy” The boy said taking my hand and letting me help him out “I’m Jacob by the way” he said grinning. I sighed “Well welcome to the lake! What are you doing here anyways?” I asked brushing myself off “Nothing really. I just finished looking at the town and nothing was wrong so I’m going back home.” Jacob said walking away “Bye!” he waved “Bye?” I said watching the boy walk away seeing a wooden stake fall out of his bag I grabbed it and held it behind my back so he wouldn’t see. The first thing that came into mind was vampire hunter. I ran back to my house but blew right past the door I knocked on the Creepy’s door and Alexander answered.

I was out of breath and tired but I managed to say “V...Va...Vampire...H...Hun...Hunter...” I was out of breath and wheezing so it was amazing that Alexander knew what I was saying. Alexander brought me into his house and sat me on their couch. “What!” Alexander yelled “I just saw a vampire hunter at the lake...I think” I said “You sure?” He asked and then I showed him the wooden stake that had a cross engraved into it. Alexander gasped and went took a step back “This fell out of his bag...” I said “Umm can I get a drink of water please?” I looked at Alexander pleadingly, he sighed and walked into the kitchen. When Alexander came back he handed me the water, I drank most of it in one gulp. “He said he was leaving though, that he didn’t see anything wrong and then he left!” I said finishing the water. “That’s good. Vampire hunters don’t lie” Alexander said sighing he threw the stake into the garbage then lit a match and threw it into the garbage too. Everything burned but left no ash “Alexander?” I said sheepishly “Yes?” He asked “Do you want to go watch a movie with me?” I said looking at him “Sure” he said smiling and helping me up. I thought I saw someone watching us as we left and when I turned around to look I saw Seth standing there a heartbroken look on his face.

When we got back to my house I pulled out the movie Love Guru and put it into the DVD player. After the movie was half way through me and Alexander were laughing so hard that I fell on him. I got up again and looked at Alexander who was staring at me. He began to lean in and I couldn’t move I gripped my bed sheets as Alexander kissed me. It felt amazing believe me, but I wasn’t ready for another relationship so I pulled away “Alex...” I said pushing him away “Sorry” he said turning red and backing up. That’s when I noticed the blinds were down and Seth was Staring at me, and at my expression which was confused and upset, and he smiled at me.” Alex maybe you should leave” I said pushing him Of my bed. “Bye!” he said leaving. After that I shut the blinds. Then I collapsed on my bed.

The End

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