The Angry Guitar

As soon as we were at the complex I noticed Alexander had come with Seth today. Seth waved at me smiling but I looked away. Seth stopped waving and looked rather upset. Well he should be! Then Alexis dragged me over to the stands. We sat down as my brother and his band began practise, Alexander joined us shortly after. “Wow! Your brothers talented! What’s your talent?” Alexander asked “She draws.” Alexis answered for me “Really? Can you show me?” Alexander asked handing me a piece of paper and a pencil. I nodded and began. After I was finished the drawing ended up being of my brother in band uniform. “Wow Katie” Alexis said “That may be your best work yet!” I smiled and nodded and whispered “Thanks” then I looked at Alexander “It looks just like your brother” He said smiling

Alexander, Alexis and I ended up talking and laughing through the whole entire practise, and I noticed the guitar parts sounded angry. “Katie!” Aiden called “Pick a song from one of your favourite bands, not ours, and we’ll play the song while you sing!” I stood up and handed my drawing to Alexis “Ummm Sk8r Boi by Avril Lavign” I said running up onto the stage “I knew you would pick that song!” Aiden said handing me the microphone, and we began

After I finished, Alexis clapped and Alexander whistled. I blushed again. Seth just stared at me.

After practise was over my brother drove Alexis home and Alexander and I walked back to our houses. “I don’t think my brother meant what he said before” Alexander said after we walked a few feet. “Well he should have thought about that before he said it!” I replied. Why was Alexander taking his side! “Yeah well I provoked him.” Alexander said again “Well maybe he shouldn’t have been so bored” I hissed. I was generally pissed now! “I really don’t like seeing my brother upset but it’s your choice” Alexander said shrugging. I pouted “Just tell him not to bother me okay?” I asked “Ok... if that’s what you want” Alexander replied a little sceptical “Yes! Now go home Alexander” I said walking up to my door “Bye...” he said a smiling

As soon as Alexander was gone I ran up to my room and cried. I cried for a long time. I cried until my brother got home, and then I cried some more “Why does he have to be so dang nice when I am so dang upset!” I asked out loud “Maybe because he cares for you more than his brother?” Aiden said walking into my room “Just a thought. Now open your blinds!” he said opening the blinds and letting in some light, then he opened the window to let in fresh air “Go away Aiden!” I said throwing a pillow at him “Not until you stop crying over a boy that didn’t care about you in the first place!” Aiden replied throwing the pillow back at me. I caught it but said nothing. I wiped the tears away and went to bed.

The End

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