Major Fight, Possible Breakup

“What the heck do you think you were doing with Katie!” Seth yelled at Alexander. I had put the phone onto speaker phone so Alexis could hear it and she shut up as soon as she heard Seth begin to talk “All I’m saying is that she deserves someone who cares about her!” Alexander retaliated not noticing me sitting on my bed staring at them “I care about her more than you do!” Seth screamed “ All I think is she deserves some one that won’t leave at a moment’s notice!” Alexander screamed back “I would do anything for her!” Seth yelled again “Anything?” Alexander asked “Anything.” Seth said firmly “Would you be willing to change her into one of us?” Alexander said interrogatingly “....” Seth didn’t reply “I knew it! I knew you didn’t care! I knew you were just playing her!” Alexander said triumphantly “Fine! You win! Your right I was playing her! I was bored! I needed something to do! Ok! Are you happy now!” Seth yelled back. “But what’s the prize?” I said tears streaming down my face “Me?” I almost began bawling “Katie...”Seth began “I...” he reached out. Alexander had a shocked expression on his face, as if he didn’t see me standing there.

I broke down on the phone Alexis practically ran over to my house and when she got here she hugged me as I cried on my bed. The window were closed and the blinds were shut. I cried with Alexis for a long time. Aiden got home and saw me curled up in my bed my eyes red and puffy. “What’s wrong?” Aiden asked Alexis leaning on the doorway “She heard something she didn’t want to hear” Alexis said pulling out her cell phone and she played back the conversation for Aiden. Alexis’s cell phone automatically records all conversations. “That bugger!” Aiden said slamming his fist in my door “When I see him I’m gonna...” I got up and grabbed Aiden’s sleeve and said “Please don’t” I gave him a pleading look and finally he sighed and gave up “I’ll get her something to eat” Aiden said going downstairs, into the kitchen. “He doesn’t deserve you” Alexis said giving me another hug “Now let’s get you cleaned up!”

After about an hour of primping and pampering from Alexis, I went downstairs to eat. Aiden spoke first “I’ve got band practise tonight, you don’t have to go with me if you don’t want to” he put down two plates one in front of me and one in front of Alexis. We ate broccoli and chicken for dinner. I sighed “Alexis are you gonna come with me to the band’s practise?” I asked a little hopefully. Alexis’s face lit up “Sure! But we have to get changed first.” She said. After we finished eating Alexis grabbing my hand and pulled me upstairs .

After Alexis had done with my outfit and makeup she went to do her own. I ended up wearing a black tank top that had little white sequins on the going on a 45 degree angle across my chest, a black mini skirt, Knee high blue and black striped socks and black runners. My hair stayed the same but I had glasses on instead of contact lenses. I sighed as Alexis walked out wearing a jean mini skirt, a blue t-shirt that had the super man signal on it with skull and crossbones spray painted onto it; she wore Blue high-tops and had a skull hair band in her hair, “let’s go!” She said practically dragging me down the stairs.

The End

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