Blood Struck 2: Stricken Again

Wow more Vampire Drama for Kaite. Poor girl can never ccatch a brake especially when Seth nearly dies :(

So it was summer time and it was HOT. Seth and I were just relaxing, enjoying the peacefulness of the moment. That was before Alexander rudely interrupted us. I groaned “What Alex and is it really that important that you have to interrupt us?” Seth said sitting up, looking at his brother annoyed. “Yes it is! Somebody slipped garlic into your guitar case!” Alexander said sounding really ticked off. “What? How!” Seth replied shaking his head angrily. I looked at them both as they argued back and forth “GUYS STOP FIGHTING!” I shouted I absolutely hated it when they fought (Which was often )“I have to go home now so I won’t be late for dinner! See you later Seth” I said walking towards the path that lead back to my house.

On the path that leads back to my house I stumbled a bit, my leg was still broken after all, and fell. I stayed down for a while making sure I wasn’t hurt before I tried to get back up. I felt somebody pull me to my feet; I turned around to see it was Alexander helping me up “Thanks” I said brushing off the dirt that had gotten on the skirt I wore “Thank you!” I said trying to walk again but almost falling on my face. Alexander caught me just in time, and he chuckled “Let me walk you home” He offered and since I didn’t want to fall on my face again I nodded. He had his arm around my waist and my arm over his shoulder. I was blushing the whole time. By the time we got to my house I was laughing at a joke Alexander had made. “Thanks for walking me home Alexander, but where did Seth go?” I asked standing at the backdoor of my house. “He went to de-garlic his guitar case. I don’t think we need anyone getting really sick, especially since you’re injured.” Alexander said. I blushed deep red “Well bye!” I said opening the door to go inside “Bye” Alexander said thoughtfully.

As soon as I was inside I thwacked myself in the head. I’m dating Seth! I can’t have feelings for Alexander! “I need a drink” I said out loud opening the refrigerator door and grabbing an ice tea and leaning on my good leg. I let out a long sigh and called up Alexis. “Hello?” Alexis said answering her phone “Hey, Lex it’s me” I said taking a sip of ice tea. “Oh what’s up” Alexis asked coolly “Nothing too much...Just having some boy trouble” I said walking up the stairs very carefully so I wouldn’t fall “Oooooh! Trouble in paradise?” she asked. It sounded like she was excited. “Yes...No...Maybe?” I said nearly losing my balance “It’s just that Seth has been really nice but Alexander has been so helpful and I don’t know what to do!” I said finally making it to my room I noticed that both my window and the Creepy’s window were opened. I looked and saw Seth and Alexander arguing over something. I listened to Alexis talk and talk as the two boys argued...

The End

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