Blood Struck

Katie the normal girl goes to a very private school and four new kids move in. Did I mention they're Goth? And Vampires? Thiings are bound to get spicy

It’s my 14th Birthday and it was supposed to be the best day ever, but instead it turned out to be different. School started out ok, my teacher Mrs. Organ said we had four new students joining us. I was surprised because our school wasn’t exactly well known considering it was a very private school. The best part was that we didn‘t have to wear uniforms. Mrs. Organ asked who wanted to show them around obviously nobody would raise their hands they were all terrified, so I raised my hand but that was before I saw them. (They weren’t ugly by the way) 3 boys and 1 girl. The girls name was Veronica and she had long blonde hair she wore jeans and a Girl power t-shirt and she was the normal looking one. The 3 boys were H-O-T Hot! But they were kind of creepy how they just stared at everyone...Did I mention they were goth? Anyways that’s how I got myself into touring the school with the creepy quartet.

“So that’s the gym where we play games, Have assemblies and get important news.” I said turning to face the four new kids “And that concludes our tour! Just in time for recess too. If you need anything just ask” I said listening to the bell ring. “The doors are that way” I said pointing to the direction in which the recess doors were located. After Veronica and her brothers Dorian, Seth and Alexander (I finally figured out their names!) Went outside I went back to the class room, sat at my desk and sighed; a frown covered my usually smiling face. It was my birthday and no one remembered! Then I looked down at my desk there sat a box with a card on it! The card read:

Happy Birthday!!!

To: Katherine (Katie)

From: Your classmates!

And inside the box was a scarf, a pair of red butterfly earrings and a heart shaped locket with our class picture inside! I looked out the window to see all my friends staring at me, I smiled and put everything on then I went outside and modelled everything for my BFF’s as they took pictures with their camera’s. The new kids were standing over by the basket ball nets just watching us like they had never seen anything like it before. I smiled and waved at them to come over, Alexander was the only one who came. Alexander has longish black hair. He was wearing black jeans and a black Button up shirt. There were chains everywhere and he had a hole in his lip which indicated a lip ring! “So it’s your birthday huh? How old are you?” Alexander asked. My friends were staring at him like he was from outer space. I rolled my eyes at them and said “Fourteen but I’m not technically fourteen till eight o’clock tonight” I smiled and he replied “Happy birthday” With a thoughtful look on his face which for some reason made me blush. Then he walked back to his family. I sighed when the bell rang and it was time to go inside my friends both looked at me with a smile on their faces. I gave them a questioning look before going inside.

The End

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