Mikael got a chance to explore the King's rooms the next day. Rose had to clean the fire places, and the other maid was ill. Mikael offered to do her jobs, since he had no fixed ones himself. He hauled the heavy pail up the stairs behind Rose, and she put her finger on her lips.

"This is the King's room." She whispered. "We mustn't utter a word in here."

She opened the door and they scurried inside. Rose put Mikael to work cleaning inside the chimmney while she cleaned the room. When he emerged from the chimmney, slightly sooty, he peered around. There was a great, gilded chair and desk at the window, and a giant map of the Kingdom on the wall. Luxurious red carpet lined the floor, although when Mikael glanced at it further he realised that the colour looked like blood. That made him feel ill, and he only felt better when they moved in to the next room. Here was the King's bedroom. Mikael gulped. To think, that terrifying man slept here.

As Rose cleaned, he looked around for any sign of the stone. Any sign. And he saw. It had to be this. It had to be. A small box at the end of the bed, locked by the looks of it and probably covered in enchantments, was gilded and around the size he expected for a stone.

"Mikael, what are you doing?"

"What?" He turned and saw Rose staring. "Oh, nothing."

"Well do something. The King could turn up at any time."

"Alright." He went over and started to clean the inside of this fireplace.

Once they had cleaned the King's rooms, they headed back down to the kitchen. Mikael took the meal for the elf, and told her of his discovery.

"I must know if this is the right place." She said.

"I dare not check. It probably has enchantments all over it, and besides, it was locked."

"I understand. What of my weapons?"

"I will find them this afternoon."

"You are a good man Mikael."

"Thank you. I wonder... will you tell me your name?"

The elf opened her mouth, but at that moment the door swung open and Mikael had to leave.

The End

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