Mikael woke, covered in a layer of cold sweat. He was having a dream, a dream where Vashnor appeared in front of him, red eyes blazing, and surrounded him with fire. He was trapped, trapped without help, while he watched his father being tortured by the King. It had come upon him each of the two nights since he had witnessed the elf being re-captured. Immediately after the incident, a guard had appeared in the kitchen to announce that Mikael was not to take the prisoner food or drink for the next two days, and anyone who talked of the elf or what had happened would be put to death.  

On the dawning of the third day, Mikael was awake early. He collected his food from the cook, and sat in silence to eat. Rose sat down next to him.

"I found your father yesterday. He was worried, but now he wishes that you would come home as soon as possible."

"I wish it was that easy. Thank you, it means a lot that you found him." He disposed of his bowl then went to recieve the elf's meal, since it was now time to begin feeding her again. As he made his way through the corridors, he contemplated the situation. Since that night, he had had no dreams of the elf, nor had he seen her. Was she alright? What state would he find her in when he opened that door?

The guard let the boy in without a fuss, not even glancing at him except to check that he carried the food. Mikael entered the room. He peered through the darkness and saw there was a form on the bed. Stepping closer, he layed the tray down on the table. The figure rolled over, and Mikael saw the shadow coming closer. He stayed still.

"I've missed you." The elf's voice was weak and quiet, and she layed her hand on his face before taking up the food.

"Are you well?"

"I have been tortured. But I will survive."

"I would give anything to help you."

"Anything? Would you risk your life to help someone you have not even seen properly? Someone you do not know?"

"For you, I would."

"You are sweet. When you come this evening, I will explain to you how you may help. For now, go." Mikael hesitated before backing away and knocking on the door in order for him to be released. If the elf had some plan of escape, he knew he would help her, no matter the cost.


"I was on my way to deliver the Blood Stone to the resistance when Vashnor found me. The King obviously hasn't discovered how to work it, as I am still alive. I must retrieve the stone and escape to the resistance before he deciphers the ancient texts."

"What is the Blood Stone? And how do you plan to escape?"

"Too many questions, not enough time. I will explain the stone when we are free. As for the plan, that is easy. There is a small entrance to the castle, generally used by servants which leads in to the town. If we were to get through there, I have no doubt we could make it from here to the gates before they noticed I was gone. From there on, I will ride to the resistance."

"And what will I do?"

"Your job is to get me  out, but before that you must find my weapons. I will need them to escape. You also need to find where the King hides the stone. I suspect he will keep it in his chambers. You must somehow enter them, and discover where it is so that I may steal it. Once you have freed me and given me my weapons, I will retrieve the stone while you head to the exit and hold there a horse that will carry me away. My horse is in the stables. His name is Destria. Will you do it?"

The door oopened and the guard peered inside.

 "Hey you! What you up too?"

"I'm coming!" Mikael rushed out and hurried away, keeping his head down.

From the sound of it, the elf planned to leave alone. But Mikael had an urge to go with her. Besides, if she escaped again, he would surely be the first suspect. To escape death, he must go with her.

The End

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