Blood Stone

The Legendary Blood Stone has been discovered, and now the fight begins. Some wish to use the stone for evil, while others seek to hide it so that its power may never be unleashed.

A wind whispered amongst the trees by the still lake, caressing each leaf and branch until the tops swayed gently, rustling in reply. Amidst this conversation of the elements, a single leaf released itself from one of the trees and softly made its way in a to-and-fro motion to the surface of the lake where it settled. From this singular moment, ripples rolled, spreading slowly outwards until lost in the deep darkness of the water.

Only one pair of eyes watched this development, a pair of deep blue eyes that sparkled with a silvery essence when reflecting the full moon which shone ahead. The owner of these blue eyes was crouched at the side of the lake, their eyes scanning the tree from which the leaf had fallen. Once satisfied that the fall had been of natural causes, the blue eyes shifted back to the bundle it was carrying. Inside was a small loaf of bread, some cheese, fruit and a flask. A gentle, poised hand stretched out and took up the flask, putting it to soft curved lips and allowing the sweet cordial to trickle past them. Then the bundle was wrapped once more and the woman, for the owner of the mesmerising eyes was indeed female, made her way over to a nearby tree which her horse was resting under. Her long limbs swung easily on to the back of her horse, which had upon it no saddle or rein, and whose mane was long and wild. She rubbed its neck and the horse began to canter along the edge of the lake, its soft brown eyes watching the grass in front of it for any obstacle that might appear. On its back the woman kept watch, one hand ready to reach for her bow, which was strung around her back, or her dagger which she kept in her boot. The other hand, for she did not use either to hold on to her steed, clutched the bag which rested on the shoulders of the horse in front of her. Inside the bag, along with the bundle which she had previously searched through, was a single stone from whence came an eerie red glow. She clutched this stone tightly through the cloth; it was the most precious thing she carried, and the reason for her journey.

The woman was shocked out of this revere by the arrow which shot past her head and buried itself in a tree. The horse, without any bidding, quickened its pace, now galloping away from the lake and heading out across the empty grass land towards the mountains. The wind whipped through the long wavy blonde hair of the woman, throwing it roughly in to the air and uncovering two pointed ears, proving that this was no ordinary woman. The elf threw one leg over the horse’s neck, spinning so that she faced her pursuers, the bundle now digging in to her back. Her bow was off in an instant, and drawn the next. Within seconds, arrows were flying like a hailstorm towards the men who now pursued the woman, and she struck two down off the black steeds they were mounted upon. But the rest pursued, and she did not have enough arrows for them all. Sending another three arrows off in to the group, she swung around  to face the mountains once more. If she could only reach them, she would be safe. Another glance told her that the riders had not gained, nor had they lost, ground. Then, as she felt sure of victory, a flash of red crashed in front of her, making her horse rear up in terror. As a fire grew from where the flash had impacted, a figure stepped from the flickering flames. It spoke in a harsh rasping voice, as though the fire it had emerged from had burnt the throat.

“Well, well, well. It seems I have found the woman who has caused so much trouble to my King. What will he say when he hears I have brought him a new slave, as well as the object he desires so much?”

The End

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