Blood Sister

Sophie smiled, dragging the blade over her arm for the first time, feeling a weird pleasure as Julie said she would.

“It feels nice,” she commented, watching her pale skin now tinged red as blood poured from the thin scratches she was creating.

“I know,” Julie said in her monotone, watching the newbie with a hungry glare. She licked her lips, struggling to restrain herself. So close…

Sophie looked up into the now ravenous eyes of her older sister, her nostrils flaring at the scent that stung her nose.

“You’ll get used to it,” Julie whispered, grabbing her sister’s arm violently and pulling it up to her own nose. She breathed in, pressing her lips to Sophie’s elbow. “Mmm,” she sighed, opening her mouth wide and showing off a dazzling set of fangs. “Welcome to the club,” she said, plunging them into Sophie’s arm.

The End

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