Dude what am I saying? I don’t even know him, he could be evil well he did say that if were together id be in trouble and it was against the laws of his kinds. What kind? What laws? I am so confused.

As I opened my door I started to take of my shoes and jacket.

I started to change into by childish pink pyjamas with brown teddy bears stitched into them. I grabbed my teddy and curled onto a ball onto my bed and thought of the sensation a felt whist kissing Vulcan. I felt my eyes go lazy and droop and I felt my brain shut down all my senses and I was soon sleeping dreaming of the days that has passed.

I then felt a chill and my dream changed it all went strange and unfamiliar. I dreamed of the future. It was cold, bleak and completely miserable. I was walking alone, down the small corridor of my school, I got to the double doors and I flung them open at walked across the concrete in the pouring rain onto the grass. I carried on walking to the back of the field. When I reached there I seen the bright orange flames of a fire roaring through the trees around the side I saw my whole life and I seen that me and my friends fell out, that we were no longer friends, something happened and I don’t know what it was but it did do damage and I know that it caused everyone to split up. I sat by the flames and watched as words and faces floated in the flames and I watched as the fire died out.

I sat in my bed shutting my eyes to see the rest of my dream but I was now awake. I looked at the glow of my clock; it was only 07:33 and I was awake. I still had hold of my teddy I gave it a squeeze and felt the warm salty water of my tears roll down my cheek curving at the corner of my lip. I couldn’t be bothered to get changed so I stuck my pink house coat on. It was soft and girly with white love hearts spread on the pink. I walked down the stair case towards the kitchen I wanted to make my own breakfast when I heard the voices again.

“Is everything ready for tonight?”

“Everything is set and all we need is Vulcan and she will follow.”

“But will he go through with it? I heard the kissed yesterday and he loves her. If this is true he will try to save be the God forsaken hero.”

“No he will I’ll make sure of it.”

“You better, if he doesn’t I will kill them both.”

Holy shit they’re on about me and Vulcan. Crap!

I stop and took a deep breath and carried on ear wigging.

“What about her friend they will come after us they are too true to her.”

“We will have to make sure they are no longer friends then.”

“But what about her sister?”

“Turn them all against her.”

“All sorted? Good get Vulcan in here now so we can his part sorted.”

“Urm but... he loves her. I don’t want to see him hurt. Please get someone else.”


“Okay I’m going.”

I heard the faint footsteps approaching the door and I ran to the stairs and then walked back down the hallway so it looked as if I had just gotten up. I turned the corner and bumped into Caelan. I don’t really know him but I know him from around the castle.

“Hello princess you’re up early, can I help you with anything? “

“Urm no thanks” his was the voice. The one that threatened to kill “you him and her” I had to get away from him. I walked of but looked over my shoulder to see his dark grey eyes looking at me. His black hair covered his left eye. He turned when he noticed I was looking at him. I picked up my pace and pretty much sprinted to the kitchen where I ran into Vulcan, Kiefer and Cadena, I know instantly that the second voice was Cadena, as I walked towards the fridge I knew they we all staring at me. I saw Cadena’s soft ash blond hair flow behind her back as if she had just flicked it. She was about twenty five but only looked about sixteen. I think it is because she has a hint of vampire in her. Along her family line one of her ancestors did a secret marriage with a vampire after they exchanged blood. Oh and this was all while she was pregnant with a witches baby and she was human.  I read it in the history of Redden book. It is this massive book with old leather backing.  “Hello you are up early.”

Great why did he have to talk to me? Can’t Vulcan see that I’m not in the mood? “Hi, yeah I couldn’t sleep; I feel a bit home sick.”

“How come? I mean this is your home.” Kiefer spoke like he knew me.

“No, this is not my home. This is my chore; my home is where my mum and dad are.”

“Dude no one knows where your parents are.” I wasn’t paying attention but by the sound of the rhythmic tone to the voice told me it was Cadena.

“Dude my parents in England the ones who raised me and taught me everything about a normal life. My parents, who will keep me out of danger. Those parents, my REAL ones.”

I didn’t care what she had to say, I grabbed a yoghurt and head to the library to see a way out of this place. But first I had to tell the others about what they were saying in the kitchen about killing me and stuff, warn them. I ran up the stairs knocking a few people over and knocked on all six doors until they came out. Mind you they were very grumpy. I told them everything what happened and they promised not to turn against me no matter what. But if Caelan and Cadena use magic the others have no chance. I even told them this. 

“Don’t worry we are friends and that’s how it will always be. If they use magic, so what.”

Lamia cut in on Monika’s speech “yeah and every spell can be broken,” every one cut in after that.

“You just need the right ingredients.” Gemma spoke with a little smile curving at the corner of her lips.

“You guys are the best. If things go wrong, no matter how bad I will always love you guys.” Oh my giddy aunt how soppy, we were all crying even Dakota the big tough one. Then with a thud up the stairs we were interrupted by... oh surprise, surprise it is Caelan, and he brought drinks, sweet but why?

“Oh. Yeah. Awkward...Hi, morning. How are you all?”

   Shit why is he staring at Amelia?

To me it looked as if he was aiming his hello to Amelia, holy cow! He’s flirting with Amelia.

“Morning Caelan what brings you up here so early?”

I was trying to get his attention on something else anything apart from Amelia.
“Well, I brought you all some tea. It is herb tea; it is sweet and has mixed flavours.” He passed us all a cup of the herb tea. I was cautious to drink it in case he charmed it. Everyone else had a sip and I felt a movement of vibes all turning and twisting into one. Hatred. Everyone took a deep breath including me. I felt like I needed a drink so I became stupid and had a drink of the herb tea. I felt the room get dark and cold.  Everything went back to normal but deep down I knew something was wrong. We all went back to our rooms, not straight away but we carried on talking to Caelan and introduced him to everyone. After that all he would do was talk to Amelia and flirt. I told everyone that I was going to get dressed and meet them up outside. I walked to my door opened my wardrobe and pulled out a long top that was orange and very pretty. I went to the draws and lifted my blue flare out jeans. I was about to get dressed when I heard a cough coming from my bed.

“What the hell are you doing in my room!?”

“Chill would you. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Startle me ha! Now answer my question.”
“I wanted to see if you are alright. You were acting funny down stairs; did I do something to upset you?”

“No, yes, sort of. You...” I didn’t want to carry on but I had to tell him so he might decide not to go through with it. “I heard Caelan and Cadena talking about me and your assignment type thing that you were to take me to them tonight. I was then to be killed and if anyone tried to stop them they would kill them as well and too make it easier they are going to make me and my best friends fall out. Everything is all wrong; this was supposed to be the greatest thing that will ever happen to me.” I was then crying and nothing could stop the tears from rolling from my eyes.

“Shhhh, it’s okay. They won’t leave you and I won’t take you to them.”

“They will, he already used some sort of spell to make them hate me, but I’m not sure whether it will work. And for you, you are going to take me to them because he will kill you if you don’t”

“No he won’t, don’t worry about me.” He sat beside me at the corner of my bed and put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a comforting hug.

“Okay I’m alright now. So you stand out there and wait till I’m dressed.”


 He sounded like a child in a mood but he left me alone to get dressed.

When I was ready I walked out the door and met up with Vulcan and the others, I had to talk to them.

I ran down the stairs when a sudden pain hit me. I felt like I had just been stabbed and then I knew what was happening. They were fighting. I ignored the gut twisting pain and ran to the field. It was hell when I got there, Lamia and Amelia was attacking each other. They suddenly found there power, Lamia grabbed a tree and flung it at Amelia who sent fire towards Lamia and the tree. She then flew over the tree as it fell to the ground and jump on Lamia. No magic, just proper fighting. No sign of Vulcan.

Fist out everywhere, I jumped in and grabbed the arm I could get hold of. And so did Gemma and Amaya, Dakota was recovering from a bloody nose that Lamia had given here. “Get off me I will rip her face off!” Amelia was so small but so vicious. At that moment I saw a look in her eye. It wasn’t hatred or anger it was like hunger, or starvation. OUCH! I felt a pain tingle in my face. I then felt heat rolling on my skin, I could smell the rust of copper I couldn’t tell, and instinct told me to push my hand to my face. I followed the direction.  I left the palm of my hand slightly so I could see it. Liquid was on my hand. It was red, as dark as blood. “HOLY SHIT! I’m bleeding” I looked to see how it me. I turned and saw Monika standing fists out with my blood on her knuckle.  “What the hell did you do that for? You cut the side of my face.”

“Get you stubby fingers of Sarah!”

“Who’s Sara? I got hold of Amelia.”

“Rachel! Stop you will make her mad just let go and you won’t get hurt.”

“Someone hold Monika she is delusional and I think she’s about to faint.” Voices were shouting everywhere and I couldn’t place who spoke what.

Amaya let go of Lamia and grabbed hold of Monika propping her up by holding her shoulder to stop her falling, she was whispering comforting words and asking her what’s wrong.

Monika spoke louder and clearer which made everyone calm down.

“I can see people. That looks like us but are different in name. They are from a time, in the past. They are much like us and then it fades and moves to us, I think we are in the future and things are all wrong. We are on separate paths, were not together, this place, Redden, no longer exists. It’s now all dark and I can’t see any more.”

We all sat down and thought about what Monika said when I felt a chilling breeze cause the hairs to stand on the back of my neck.

I felt shocked I knew what was too come next. I also heard what Monika said “Get hold of Sarah and Sara. I mean Gemma and Amaya.”

“Why do you keep calling them by different names?”

“I keep seeing the names in my head with their faces, I’m sorry.”

“Oh my god, I know what your power is. You are a physic, you can see past and future.”

“Okay, now grab... too late”

Gemma and Amaya were throwing things at each other.

Purple lightning shot from Amaya’s body, not her hands or fingers but her body. She shook like a child’s rag doll and she was then lying on the floor.  Her face facing mine her eyes clear silver and her face pale white with no expression not even pain.  She looked like an angel but she wasn’t wearing white, she wore her favourite red top with white strips and an ordinary pair of jeans.

We all froze our bodies like ice-lollies in Antarctica. We all had to focus on what had happened and suddenly I heard screams from behind me and footsteps sliding towards Amaya. “Ama, Amaya! Answer me... no, no this can’t happen.” Amelia’s shrills sent a cold pain to my chest I felt a lump form in my throat and I couldn’t hold the tears back. Amelia started shouting orders to us. “Lamia you have strength, right? Lift her up and run home because you also have speed, I seen you run like lightening. Go! Monika like Kamaria said you can see the past and future now tell me what happened and what is going to happen as we run home.” And then I felt my legs move even though I hadn’t told myself to go.  Shock ran through me. Amelia was strong and held back emotion; she led us back through what seemed a grey patch in a beautiful area. Amelia and Monika were talking the whole way back. I caught a glimpse of Monika’s eyes she was having a vision. She was telling Amelia what had happened and that she is going to be okay, I caught the end of the conversation “... I caught be sure of the future, it may change, even the smallest things we do have a large effect. But I am positive she will be fine.  I don’t know what is happening all I know is she’s  going to be alright but it is so frustrating not knowing, I have got so used to knowing everything it bugs me not to know this, worst part it has only been a few hours.” She let out a sigh.  AW shit! I didn’t look where I was going and standing in front of me arms on my shoulder, eyes meeting my gaze. From the moment his hands steadied my shoulders and his fingers brushed against my flesh I knew it was him, the bastard that help bring on what was to happen to us, the bastard who said he would help get rid of me, kill me and my friends.

“You lot okay, I heard what happened to Amaya, Lamia told me, she was in hysterics and I came to see if you needed any help finding out what happened to her.” He was breathing fast and what came out of me wasn’t expected.

I flipped; I didn’t know what got into me. I was sick of his innocent act like he was, I dunno, my friend? I dunno, but I was sick of his games. I shouted at him,

“I know exactly what happened! You! You happened! When I heard Caelan and Cadena talking to each other early morning they sounded serious, they meant what they said! And you lied to me! You said you wouldn’t get involved but you have, I told you. You! No one else where we would meet and you told them, you are a back stabbing arsehole. That whole shit you told me when we first met was a lie, you didn’t want to save me you had to save me! You had to; it was all part of their plan! If I hadn’t met you none of this would happen, we would still be together enjoying ourselves not worrying when one of us will go against another because of your friends, which is more than you are to me. You’re a piece of scum. If you come near me I will cause you so much pain you would beg me to kill you just to end it!”


“What did you just call me? Forgot my name already? What I’m not your first job or did you forget your lines? Do ya know what? I don’t care I am finished with this place. I am going to see Amaya, make her better and go home. My real home, where I am loved and this place isn’t near me!” Tears were running down my cheeks like a thunderstorm would throw rain at us. The hot wet droplets curved at the corner of my lips and dropped of my chin causing a small puddle by my feet.

“No! No! It isn’t like that; it never has been like that.”

“Bullshit Vulcan, you don’t mean anything you say but I am dead serious so PISS OFF!” I stormed out of his way and stood on his toe on my exit.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into him. I felt myself give in and let him comfort me. He whispered softly in my ear holding me in a warm hold. “Don’t ever blame me. Damn it Kamaria I love you.  I shouldn’t but I do. I would never hurt you. Never.” He was gripping my shoulders shaking me then he pulled me close and hugged me and I hugged back.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I love you to. I’m sorry,” I hugged him tighter and I felt the same soft lips brush against me forehead then his smooth hands wiped the tears of my cheek, running down my face out line stopping at my chin. Lifting it slightly till our lips was at the exact angle and then I leaned in and he met me half way I felt calm and happy.

 We leaned back at the same time and he spoke in a soft but direct tone. “We must head back Amaya needs your help.”

We walked hand in hand back to the castle. I stared up at the amazing crafted doors took a step back at the perfectly painted bricks that showed the silhouette of the surrounding forest, the beauty of it no longer shocked me it disgusted me, revolution built inside me. This castle is full of liars, betrayers and cheats. The thought came like a direct statement that seemed to bring a sense of déjà vu.


I looked around not taking in the people around me but the rooms I walked in.

We walked through the doors into a room that could pass as a living room, a hospital room and a playground all in one. With its bright colours, comfy looking settees and a table that was made of pure glass. It was as clean as a hospital but had the aura of a playground.

The End

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