“There you are we were looking all over for you.” It took me a while to notice they were talking to me. They...I did not know. It was a group of lads. OOHHLLALLA they are adorable. FYI they are so fine.

“Urm do I know you?”I spoke as if they were normal whatever normal was but they defiantly couldn’t have been human or ... I don’t know but no way could anyone be so wow looking especially so many of them at once.

“No you don’t know us.”

“Who are you? Or better yet who are you known as and why and what are you doing here? I want the full story without all the details.”

“We are the descendants of Redden, this city, or as you know it, an undiscovered island. It is in fact a new planet. But our fathers roamed these lands with great power over people; they also cared for these lands. But their fathers did not use their power like they did. These lands were cursed, and it was cursed by our ancestors. They practiced evil and discouraged others like us. My father watched as my grandfather stab his mother with evil; he did that and cursed her and him. My father killed my grandfather before the curse had reached him he was only sixteen when he was left without his mother and killed his father. But the curse was stopped right in its tracks and he buried it on these lands. He was too late to save his mother, but from that day my father altered his ways and gave up his family heritage of evil and destined his own destiny, by moving onto good workings of his power and him and the others reborn their use of magic and used it to help others of our kind and to stop the curse for lifting. So far so good, but with a new heir to the throne and the old nowhere to be seen it is more than possible for hell to come lose.”

“Oh...” at this point I was closing my book and walking towards the door with it tucked under my arm. “You still didn’t answer my question” I watched closely as confusion and frustration flooded his face.

“But I said all I know and kept it short what didn’t I answer? Are you always so pushy?” I let a small smile slide across my face. I couldn’t help it.

“One you didn’t answer my question. You didn’t tell me your name or what you are, and two I am not pushy just...curious.”

I took a hesitant pause as I thought of the word and then I knew how stupid I looked and sounded.

“Oh well that’s a reasonable answer but why did you pause?”

“For dramatic effect. You still didn’t answer my question. What are your names?” This time it wasn’t a question but a demand. I was getting a little bit frustrated myself.

“Okay chill, Jesus Christ you’re a little touchy aren’t you? But okay I am Jakk; this is Peter, Ivan, Logan and Tyson. You will come to understand the way we are and what we are, but wrong for us to tell you of our kind, we are discriminated by others that our not like us and if they find out we all could be in trouble and as you are only a small girl you obviously need our help in protecting this place so we can’t go disappearing when we are needed otherwise the poor and feeble princess will get harmed.”

“What makes you think I need help protecting this place I am perfectly capable.”

“Oh really then why is your room pushing out smoke? Let’s face it you can’t take care of yourself let alone a country.”

“Oh shit and I can it is all new to me so bugger off. And do you know what, I don’t like you! You should be more like your friends and keep your mouth shut.”

Like he said I was near my room so I stormed of down the hall towards the smoky room and didn’t look back. I wasn’t lying when I said I didn’t like him he was a total ass all full of himself. Maybe if I got to know him a bit better I would like him. I swear he is gay. It is in his eyes.

As I opened the door a brush of heat hit me but all that was alight was the freshly lit candle that was lying on a stack of papers that were only slightly on fire. Okay so the corner was on fire and the wind from the open window was blowing it around no worries I’ll find an extinguisher. I ran to the door before the fire got worse, my heart was pounding, as I opened there he was again the irritating Jakk with a fire extinguisher in his hands. “I am here to help.”

“Oh my knight in rusting armour.” My voice was really sarcastic and I think he got the hint that I didn’t like him.

“Chill would ya I thought I might give ya a hand. And I want to apologize for being um big headed earlier it was just um well I don’t really know to be honest. But you really do need help.”

“Are you implying that it is not only the country I need help with? Cause if you are then I is going to...” there was a knock on the door and I stopped before I finished my sentence. “Come in!” there were silent murmurs and then in the door way stood Amaya with a the cheekiest grin on her face and Lamia had a straight face just as straight as her short freshly dried brunette hair that looked a bit red, not ginger but red.  Then Dakota, whose eyes lit up as soon as she saw Jakk, Monika and Amelia, stared at her as if she was just struck by lightning which would be pretty funny. I couldn’t help but picture that thought in my mind. Then Gemma, who was daydreaming, like normal opened her mouth to speak but closed it again.   Jakk turned and sprayed the extinguisher on the flames and soon they had died down to a complete stop. Everyone was fidgeting or doing something that didn’t draw attention to themselves and then it happened like magic.

 They all paused and we all stared at Dakota even Jakk stared and at that point I knew. AWWW! I couldn’t help the thought of them two together it seemed so sweet!

 “Yes?” I waited until someone realised I was talking. Oh surprise only Amelia noticed.

“Oh we were wondering if you wanted to come round the village with us.” Her eyes constantly flickered to Jakk.

“Dakota, Amelia, Amaya, Gemma, Monika, Lamia this is Jakk. Jakk these are my best friends say hi people. Oh and the one that sort of looks like me is my sister. And I would love to go to the village, when are we leaving?”

“In a minute, or when you’re ready.”

“Okay I’ll be two secs I’ll just get my bag.” I reached under my bed and grabbed my purple bag and as I reached under something caught my eye. It was a piece of paper stuck under the mattress. I’ll get it when I get back. I scurried to my feet and scrambled out the door.  

 As we walked down the stairs Dakota and Jakk were talking and it was really obvious that they we flirting.

We walked miles and seen the most beautiful scenery, it was never the same something changed in every blink. It was bright and colourful and was very decorative, Mother Nature cared a lot about Redden and natured every blade of grass to make it shine as bright as the stars, if you stood at a certain angel you could actually see them twinkle in the light. It was amazing.

We went to the shops and there were loads of them. There were shops full of Wiccan tools and properties, books and spells. There was a shop that only contained books and equipment and potions that were to do with all the dragons, surprisingly it was called Dragons Eye.  I got a book that was all about witchcraft and mythology and pretty much everything. I don’t know why I got it I felt like it wanted me to own it to take it home. To me it sparkled. I got it and that was that.

As we walked around the village outside the castle I discovered many things, such as there are shit loads of places around here and all of it is at different sections with Gaelic names: kibosh which is English Gaelic for cap of death and the same meaning but different name for the Irish Gaelic caidhp báis. There it is full of dark magic and many unwanted curses.  This is up to the east end of this place.

Then there is an area called Island which is also Gaelic, it means island, ironic.  It is also known as Innis which is Irish Gaelic for island. This is in the west section that covers the planet. Then in the north it is Down which is English Gaelic and in Irish Gaelic it is Dùr which translated means hill. Then final selection is known as Braw or Bréagha which means beautiful. And that is where Redden is lucky isn’t it? Well no because the dark magic is spreading through the ground and soon will arise. I learned a lot about this whole planet in those few minutes it took me to read the signs.

As we walked home it was dark and we all had to go our separate ways to get to the places that we wanted to. Lamia and Gemma wanted to go for a moonlight walk in the forest and Dakota went off with Jakk while the others left me to stay in the market. I was therefore left to walk to the castle/school on my own.  I was scared to be honest. It was like a horror movie.

For the long walk I thought about how this would end and how sweet and romantic it will be and how all stories have a happy ending. I thought of how a prince will come running to my rescue on a white horse and fight of the bad guys and save my life.

“I can hear you. And to me a prince on a white horse sounds fetching.” The voice gave a quick chuckle and I looked around me to see who was out there. Then with a thud from behind me I heard the crackle of leaves. I turned around feeling my speed lift some dried leaves of the ground. “Who are you? Don’t play games or I will hurt you!”

“You can’t hurt me. You don’t know the first move for defence. And you have not yet discovered your power. You are afraid of me and this dark and you were just thinking of how happy the end of this will be. Well let me tell you this; don’t set your expectations to high because when they aren’t reached it will be a bigger disappointment.”

“Oh, well thanks but unsought advise is a waste of breathe.”

“Who said it was unsought?”

“Me. Now can I see you or are you just going to hide?”

Then out of know where a dark figure stood in front of me. It was a man a teenager if not, about fifteen-sixteen, he was fairly tall and all I could see of him was his cloak, black with faint red stitching.

“Dude when I said for me to see you I meant your face. I’m Kamaria, I-”

“I know who you are I know all about you and I am...” loud bellowing noises of a large animal in pain echoed through the woods. Not thinking I let curiosity get the better of me and I ran towards the sounds of the screams not thinking of ... damn it I didn’t catch his name. Well his name will have to wait. I had to help the creature in pain. I ran through thick mud and thin gaps through trees and hurried towards the shrieks. When I got there strange figures turned towards me and I watched as a griffin flew off with drips of blood falling from it wings I let out what I thought were silent gasps but the shadows turned on me and walked at a jogging pace. I lifted stones and sticks whatever else I could find and threw it towards the vile creatures. I heard whispers and shouting and I stopped when I tried to move again I couldn’t ancient words came to my ears and it was coming from the tallest shadow. I was frozen and I could not even scream for help. They got closer to me and reached out there hands and they all placed their index finger on my forehead. I felt a twisting pain and agony run through me. I was unable to name the pain I was feeling it was so excruciating. Then as if I was melted I began to get movement into my hands and feet and soon after my whole body. I let out the loudest scream I could. The shadows took a good few steps back and covered their ears and then out of nowhere I heard the piercing squawk or a griffin and then I heard his voice again, shouting rhymes which I am guessing were spells because all of a sudden a bright puff of red smoke blew from the area where they we floating and formed a circle, they were taken straight into the ground.

“I’m no prince on a white horse, but I tried my best to be.”

“Gee thanks, what took you so long? I could have been killed.” I was surprised at how calm my voice was it was as if he was putting thoughts into my head controlling me.

“I was looking for a white horse and a prince but then you screamed and woken everyone up so I grabbed a griffin and went to save you.”

“Well thanks.”

“And I thought you might want a lift home or a fly in this case.”

“Yes please.”

As I got onto the griffin it stared at me and gave me a look and I took it as a greeting and then we flew into the stars and darkness.

I was hoping to have a quiet journey with this stranger and hopefully never see him again, and not have to put up with him reading my thoughts.

“What were you doing in the woods at night? Don’t you know they are dangerous? And why did you run of haven’t you heard curiosity killed the cat.”

“I was walking to the castle from the village and then you butted into my thoughts, and then we started talking and I heard a griffin scream and ran to help it and then these things came at me and then you showed up. Thank you. Why did you ask instead of reading my mind? And yes I have heard, so why are you comparing me too a cat?”

“I am not comparing you to a cat, and I can’t read it now because it is after midnight. It only lasts during sunrise and ends at midnight, and that’s because I am only new at learning this power so it has limitations. So what about-”

“Okay let’s stop the twenty questions.” I butted in before he could ask anything else. “I only have one more that got interrupted earlier. What is your name?”

“My name is Vulcan; it means fire, to flash. It is from the Greek mythology.”

“Cool my name means light or moonlight and it is Swahili.”

“huh, so urm what room you in at the castle?”

“Third floor the, door that says Kamaria.”

  “Third floor? No one has been on the third floor since the disappearance of the king and queen.”

“You know it?”

“Well ya I am on the second floor, I live with my grandmother in the castle she is kind of like the house keeper.”

“Okay you can kill me now.”


“Because you are the 8th person I have embarrassed myself in front off that stays at the castle. I can so not run this place. I’m screwed for this life like I was for the normal one.”

“I doubt you have screwed up. I think you are just misplaced.”

“Misplaced!? I’m not a freaking object, I am human and that’s how it will stay!”

“I didn’t mean it in an offensive way I meant like you have not found the right place, I think you have found it but you just haven’t felt the change or you haven’t been patient enough to see it”

At this point he was looking straight into my eyes and I into his and I felt something indescribable, unreal. HOLY SHIT!!! He leaned forward and I leaned into him and our lips locked, oh my god how sluttish of me. We have just met and I practically gave myself to him. What impression does that give him? I felt an urge of energy flow through me; he was like an adrenaline rush. I pulled back after feeling the magic. I felt warm and fuzzy and his lips were so soft, so delicate and then he looked at me again and I blushed.

“I have broken the laws of my kind; I have to get you back right now. I should never have let this happen.”

“What kind, are you not human?”

“If anyone seen you could be in danger, what in the goddesses name was I thinking. I’ve got to close. I am not what you think I am. I am not from this part, I moved away from my parents to take care of my grandmother, that doesn’t mean I am good.” We were out side of the castle and I felt a sudden pang in my stomach. Something was beginning to hurt and I felt too emotional. “We’re here. I got to go, I won’t be back for a while, and I have screwed up, not you. This is all wrong.”

“No it isn’t I am sorry, please.”  He gave me a look that I could not read, I didn’t know why I was begging him to stay we had only just met. Was it because I felt a deep connection? Guilt? I don’t know. “Please don’t go. I can look after myself. If I am danger it is your fault so you have to stay and help me fix it.”  He looked back and I could see he knew what I said was the truth.

“I will be back in a few days, but you need to forget about tonight, all of it, no one is to know do you understand?” I nodded feeling a sigh of relief build up inside me. He then flew into the dark and I was left to walk to my room alone. I am no slut but he felt different to me, I don’t know why. He is mysterious and I somewhat know why but only vaguely.

I felt like we were connected to each other, he draws me in. He is mysterious and smart and funny and very, very wowwy.  Okay I don’t think that’s a word but it is now, and yes a have a lot to say about this guy I have just met, man what’s wrong with me?

The End

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