I heard footsteps echo from the long windy stairs and a lady as old as dust stood in the middle and held out her arms.

“Welcome Princess Kamaria and her brave worriers Monika, Gemma, Amelia, Amaya, Lamia and her twin sister Dakota.”  She took a deep breath and carried on speaking. “I have your items set out in your rooms’ upstairs, open the box on your bed when you’re out of your human clothes or they will rip.”

The strange lady left towards the kitchen. I know this because there was a sign saying “kitchen this way.” How strange.  We walked upstairs and whispered about what she said.

“Human clothes? Is she not human?” Monika’s voice was stressed and concerned.

“I dunno but I wanna go home now. She scared the jibes out of me.” I couldn’t help but laugh at Lamia’s chose of words.

None of us could. Lamia had always been the one to not be scared of even have the “jibes” scared out of her.  She never did expand her vocabulary. None of us really did but hers were the worst. She swore a lot but it was strange how she didn’t say shit instead of jibes. That was why we were all laughing at her.

“No seriously I felt some bad vibes coming of her and if you don’t believe me then you’re stupid.”

“Oh well I guess we are stupid or am I just talking for myself?” this was not a rhetorical answer but no one answered Dakotas question we all laughed instead. This upset her so as our punishment she gave us the silent treatment that she forgot she was giving us after five minutes so we laughed again.

When we reached the top of the stairs there was large labels on the doors that were painted our favourite colours. How did they know? Scary. Very, very scary. Maybe Lamia was right maybe we should go home. I started at our freshly painted doors and noticed who had what colours.

Lamia’s was black.

Dakotas was dark purple with a black handle.

Amelia’s was a dark and I mean dark green.

Amaya’s was a dark but bright red.

Monika’s was lilac.

Gemma’s was a bright pink.

Mine was a light purple with a butterfly on the left hand side that was linked to my named written in blue. Everyone’s had their names printed on their own door in a special font.

It was so neat and tidy and was well decorated. I felt like royalty. Oh yeah I am royalty I am the princess hehe I am the princess of... I don’t know what it’s called I’ll find out soon enough. Hehe I am never going to get over being royalty it is so cool.   

 I opened the beautifully decorated door and seen a magical books on top of neatly folded clothes with a note lay on top. It was in really fancy writing and as I read it my heart sank to the pit of my stomach.

 Dear Kamaria


You have been selected by the gods and goddesses of all magic to lead the future, select the clan members and do what all heroes do. Save the world.


You and your identical twin are the true daughters of the mighty God and the gorgeous Goddess that we are not allowed to tell you because of the things you have to find out by yourself. It will then place you on the right path.

 Show this letter to those you have selected to be part of your clan to save us all and bring back the things that have gone missing.


You and your twin were sent to the real world by your true parents and they had assigned a couple to look after you. If  that didn’t go to well they swore to bring you back  here and protect you themselves but things went wrong and I am unable to tell you what.

There is a library in the large hallway.


This is no longer a castle but a study school for those that practise magic. Do not be alarmed if you run into anybody, some you may know some you will not.

Don’t trust anyone except your true friends.

Danger lurks around every corner.

Figure out this world and save the future there the key of happiness lays and the dream you will dream frequently will be answered.

                       From a mystery.



The letter freaked me out a little but it answered a lot of questions as well as caused a lot to enter my mind. They door was knocked with great power I swear I heard the wood brake and I was calm and felt a bit safe and was about to answer the door. I felt an electric surge of relief wash over me and I suddenly felt at ease. I thought ran through my head telling me not to answer the door. It kept repeating itself until that it imprinted in my head. I listened and followed what it said and didn’t question it till later.

I heard a smash in the hallway and then loud deep male voices arguing and shouting. I caught a glimpse at the conversation.

Don’t ever go near the princess...”

“I will do as I please, and you cannot, and will not stand in the way...”

“I will, she is the rightful heir to the thrown and you are not to harm her. I have known you too long to not see what you are thinking and are planning and killing her won’t help your...” they started to whisper and another thing was smashed and I suddenly smelt a rusty smell of an old bike left at the beach rusting in salted water. BLOOD. Blood was spilled and I was in danger great this is just like one of them romances where there is a damsel in distress and the evil guy is planning to harm or kill her then a marvellous handsome prince charming comes to save her and they are from then on in utter love. Hell no am I going to be the god damn damsel in distress. I will fight my own battles without prince charming. It is of course the Twenty First century. Things like prince charming don’t happen. Sorry if I ruined peoples hope but this is almost reality. And I am telling the truth. There are no such things as happy endings. Soon we will grow old and die. Unless you are immortal like the vampires from the best series every...TWILIGHT!

Time started to go by and I sat back on my bed and meditated.

An hour passed all too quickly and a new command ran itself around my mind.

Open the box and experience your greatness.

I listened and followed the instruction. I picked up the neatly wrapped box and looked carefully at the name on it. It took a while for me to register that it was my name. It was carved with such efficient that it was to fit for a princess but for a queen.

The symbol stood out the best with the thick red paint (or it looked like paint). It was the symbol of the five pointed star that I learned has been used to represent witches for centuries and to come. I have only read a few books on the Study of Wiccan life and how it works.

This didn’t feel right. None of it did. I cannot truly describe how I feel but I can feel the pain of knots turning my stomach.

Something was defiantly not right.

I did one of the most stupidest things and ignored the deep painful feeling and got dressed in the sweet garment the fitted like a glove but it looked like a long dress almost like a robe. It was black with illumines pink and purple flowers linked together on a marvellous thin line of neatly stitched thread it felt like silk on my skin and it curved around my body lying loosely on my skin. I was dressed and man did I look good.

I walked slowly pacing myself to the box then I would open it.

It was like an adrenaline rush, I was all energized and felt as fit as a fiddle and then a felt the bombshell drop. I saw the beautiful colours flow around. The colours of magic. It was mostly pinks and purples but all the colours in the rainbow were there and so were the colours of black and the colours of white.

I then stared deeply into the box only focusing on that one thing. Everything else was a blur and then it all vanished. All that was there was the box. The soft, tree smelling, wooden box. I could see the thin lines of the wood and I could see the faint scratches were the maker had sanded it down. It was all magnified and stood out to me like a fire in the darkness.


I walked down the steps and headed to the library where I planned to study on the history of my apparent life.

It was all to over whelming and as I walked down the steep steps to the library. I saw the strange women on the floor below me.

She wore all white her hair looked almost the same colour as her clothes but it was a shade darker. It was silver. Perfect shimmering silver. I hadn’t noticed anything about her and now she stands out and I can see everything about what she is like on the inside. Her face was smooth with wrinkles all over. It was like a thin sheet of silk that had been scrunched up and left for days then it was folded out and came out with creases all over.

Her eyes were folded over at the edges were the colour of the ocean. They were deep and looked youthful full of energy but they had a dark edge to them. But it was all me. I thought so anyway.

I carried on walking and walked straight into a random stranger. A cute random stranger. But he obviously knew he was good looking so he pretty much threw the thought of cute away because it is not all about looks, it is more about personality and whether or not he is the right one.  

As if reading my mind he walked away and I laughed at the thought of him hearing my thoughts. Shit! What if he could hear my thoughts he would know what I called him and it was not the cute part it was the part after that.

 A high pitched voice, as sweet as an angels spoke out from the shadows of the stairs. “Don’t worry he can’t read your mind. And the truth is relationships are easy, but having a good one is hard.”

I looked at her. Her beauty was outstanding. Her parents must be models or something because it is not right for someone to be that pretty. From that point I hated her. The worst part she didn’t even know she was pretty. I hated her because I was jealous, great I was jealous.

“Hu-um” she made a loud coughing noise to grab my attention. I was quick to reply.

“Oh. How did you know what I was thinking?”

“The answer is in the question. I am a mind reader.” She gestured with her hands shrugging as she replied. She paused and looked puzzled for a second then she carried on talking, “please stop thinking about me now; it does get a bit annoying. And my name is Ayanna and I am twelve. And you are?”

“Kamaria I am the supposed princess. I think.”

“How old are you?”


“Wow you have a lot of responsibility for someone of your age.”

“Tell me about it. I have to go I have planned to study in the library about my supposed to be life so I will see you around?”

“More than you would want me to be around.” She smiled and skipped up the stairs and vanished in the shadows. She was too perky and jolly to be normal and even in this upside down world she didn’t fit in her happy emotion was too high and noticeable. I like her. I thought instantly at my conclusion of her.

A loud high pitched smooth soft voice echoed down the stairs “Thanks I like you too!” It trailed of and I stood still for I moment with a blank expression on my face. I forgot she could read mines. She was nearing the turn and I looked up and smiled at her knowing that if she couldn’t see my face she could see the smile in my mind.

 I could hear her faint high pitched laugh that matched her high pitched voice. Her straight blonde hair followed behind her.

I walked down to the library all by myself ready to start my real family tree and to know what happened and how but at least that’s what I thought I wanted. But was I ready to know the truth?

That I could not answer because I didn’t know the truth, and whether it was the right thing or if I was ready to know. Confusing? Yes very.

   I walked through the blacked out glass doors and seen the shelf full off books and the pile on the desks and tables. I started my search for my family books on my past life. I searched shelves and shelves of books not seeing anything helpful. I stepped on the ladders pushing myself to the sides checking every book spine and name. I scavenged ever row, aisle and column. I was near the blacked out dusted corner near the pots of spiders and webs and god knew what else when I seen the section I was after... Family History from the start of time- to today.

I grabbed a more modern book it was the colour of dirt with a heart in carved into it plastered over with some leather, the whole book was fine soft leather apart from the pages of course that was a slightly discoloured white almost pale yellow. When I say modern I mean undamaged or dusted.

I flicked through to the page titled The Births

 DATE: 24th may 1995

The two beautiful female twins, born of Goddess Tracey and God Ian, were born at 3:23 am. In a rush of life and death matters the twins were pulled from their mothers arms and dropped in the human world where they are thought to be safe. The twins being only hours old are unnamed by their biological parents and will have no knowledge of their heritage. All they have is a status from their parents’ one taking after their father in the leadership of all warriors and fighters as well as full responsibility of justice and punishments. The other thus being the eldest and first born will be taking after her mother. In ruling the kingdom and having the title of princess until married. The eldest was marked with a single scar on her palm in a shape of a petal and the youngest was marked with the shape of a blade or dagger on her right arm above the elbow. Both scars are to signify there powers (which cannot be written for it could in jeopardise their lives and all associated with them).


As I read on I learned more of my parents and why they went into hiding.  I first flicked through learning numerous passages about my mother.

 My mother was a Goddess of hunt and also of beauty. She supposedly has the face of a fierce woman but with angelic features, free flowing brown hair layered down to her shoulders she is described to have fair skin and innocent blue eyes.

Guess I didn’t inherit my looks from my mother as my face was spotty and I needed glasses. Well in other words (based on my own opinions) I’m arse ugly, I had plain brown hair that was curly but not a lot just messy. My face was long and I had a mole on the left side just under my lip corner not a small beautiful mole but a mole the size of Mount Everest!. I smiled at the thought of getting back a happy non-complicated live, sitting up with my real mother watching a movie and eating popcorn. I could imagine her beautiful shiny brunette hair flowing over her shoulder and my head on top of it as is Dakota on the other side. It was like a fantasy in a fantasy. Would I never stop tormenting myself? But seeing as I have found out this information me being for a completely different planet, being a princess and having all these great expectations my life will never uncoil from this massive knot of complicity. 


The End

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