Darkness covered the sky and the clouds covered the silver lining of the full moon that glowed and sparkled in the twinkling of the rain. There were things that stayed hidden behind the thick barks of the pine and oak trees. Things we shouldn’t know about.

It was pretty much a massive forest but the creatures left when an echoing course of drums came from the open field that I was stood on.   The things looked like the real life version of the creatures in the mythology books I read at the library. (I recently became a dork/nerd/book worm). I read loads of supernatural books and they all brought a pile of flashes into my mind like I witnessed the acts of these creatures.

I was lost in the vision I was looking around me and over my shoulders hoping someone would come to save me. Through the thick clouds of smoke forming on the forest ground out stepped my BFF’s. They had different styles of clothes on. Apart from Lamia who wore black and red as usual.

 I felt a tug on my hair and a pillow smash against my face. We stayed awake for ages watching the best film in the universe...Twilight. We all love twilight because we love to talk and argue who’s the cutest. I think it is unfair because they are all too damn HOT!!!

Lamia and Dakota started an argument of whose fitter Edward or Jacob.

“I dunno I think they are just as fit as each other. Doesn’t matter anyway, like any of us have a chance with them.”  I could see they were angry at my assumption and I felt it hard. “OCH!” they threw teddies at me how unfair.

“Oh my God, Kamaria how you dare to say that I don’t know, it is defiantly Edward!”

“No way is it Edward defiantly Jacob” it was obvious Dakota loved Jacob and Lamia loved and I mean loved Edward.  

The argument went on and on so in the end we put a toll on Bebo. We haven’t had a chance to look yet but I have a felling Edward is winning because he is the fit vampire and not the fluffy dog. (Wolf).

 The sleepover was awesome. Midnight approached us too quickly and opened all the packets of sweets and stuffed our faces with. When we all claimed we felt light headed and felt like we were about to faint. We layout our sleeping bags on the wooden floor and flopped onto our pillows and didn’t open our eyes until sunrise flooded the room with bright rays of light.

“I don’t remember sleeping outside. Do you?” Amelia’s soft sweet voice was confused which wasn’t that hard to make it like that all you had to do was say a joke that’s only funny because she doesn’t get it. She had a point we were sleeping in my living room. Scary.

No one answered we just stared at each other with a blank look on our faces. Either we were all having the same dream or it was really happening. I had to think about which one was more realistic. In my life anything can happen so it was really happening could be a good possibility. Inny-Meany-minny-moe-catch-a- tiger- by- it toe... okay so it’s just a dream so I should wake up in any minute.

“Good morn-“we were still in the field.

“What you just realized?” Dakota’s sarcastic noise of a voice sent a shiver through me.  

“CRAP why are we out here? Dakota why are you being a bitch?”

“I wonder. I am in a shit hole in the middle of nowhere and I haven’t got a clue how to get back and I haven’t eaten in about 2 hours!”

“Hello we have been in a shit hole for the past four years!”

“I need to eat!”

“There is grass there! That is what your breed of cow eat isn’t it?”

“Grow up the pair of you!” Monika’s smooth voice normally a whisper was an echoing scream. “Sorry for shouting I just don’t like it when you fight it is really irritating.” Her voice was back to a whisper.

We stopped fighting and headed north following the sunrise. We walked for about ten to fifteen minutes only surrounded by a forest, grass and wood. Then we stumbled onto a broken fence and as normal Dakota ran and jumped it. We looked for her to stick her head over the fence and laugh but nothing happened I couldn’t even hear her loud breathing. We decided to follow her footsteps.

What happened was like magic the trees disappeared and the sky was a beautiful silver blue. The sun was high up in the air and buildings of little cottages that lead through a path way that lead to a large white castle made of the finest white bricks ever. The roof was a mighty pretty baby blue that blended in to the sky. It was absolutely massive. The beautiful scene was like a painting that people paid a fortune to see.

 I felt a pain hit me in the gut it stopped me opening my mouth. I was about to say I vaguely seen this before in a book in the attic that I was reading until mum came up and interrupted me with her O.C.C.D issues. If you don’t know what that means it means obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder. That’s fancy talk for having to have everything as clean as the frigging hospital.

   I ignored my brain and followed a new instinct that told me to go it to the pretty castle. As much as my head shouted not to, it could not be heard over my new and improved instinct that came to me naturally. My body took me to the giant wooden doors that had a wolf carved into it even though I could hear the faint screams of my head trying to pull me back. It was like my body had detached itself from the brain splitting me in half.

 I walk slow and timid and was hoping the others would follow me but I didn’t want to ask it was not right putting them in any type of danger even if it wasn’t there.

The others did followed me and I didn’t even ask them to you can no doubt see why they are the best friends anyone could ever dream of having. All the better for me because they are real and not make-believe.

I rang the door bell that was way too small for the gigantic door. It opened with a creaking sound that would have scared the shit out of me if it was dark. The horror stories we told each other gave me a spooky image in my head of someone hanging from the ceiling with blood dripping of their feet and a killer ghost stood beside the corpse laughing. Great that did it for me I was already running down towards Lamia, Monika and Amaya.

Dakota, Gemma and Amelia were metres behind the first three. Sapphira grabbed my arms and dragged me back to the totally gorgeous but totally scary castle.

“Please don’t make me go in there. Please. Please. Please!”

“What is your problem Kamaria? Oh no a ghost is coming to eat us Aggh.”

“Your sarcasm is well noted Gemma.”    

 “AW thanks now I know I won’t be forgotten.” Her smug little tubby face made me smile.

We walked slow as we were intimidated by the large thick walls and the dark wooden door. My imagination had set itself free making everything look sinister and evil.

The door opened and a light as bright as the sun lit up the room. On the table was a hell of a lot of food and in-between the fizzy drinks and the cups was a note directed to the princess Kamaria and her six followers. (Hehe I have the same name as the princess).



The End

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