Being me in a small deserted town where everyone is the same is not how I planned to my live. My plan was to be in Northern Ireland living in Aldergrove where everyone was different and all got a long so when my dad was transferred to this dump. I was forced to go as well.

I left behind everything. Friends, family and my school but most importantly the life I should have had.

The journey to my new home was long and tiring and I totally upsetting. We took the slow boat trip across the ocean so we could bring the car. We had and black ford galaxy that was near the brink of destruction.

The tires were filthy and the paint was all scratched and peeling.

 I was nine still too young to move out and stay home in Northern Ireland. The boat neared to a stop at the dock and we started to pack our things and leave for the new house that would never become a home. It was mid July and summer holidays had started so I had no worry about school. My only problem was to get on with my non existing life.

The sun was bright but rain clouds filled the evening sky.

 The drips of rain started to fall which forced me into the house.

I went upstairs and played a game with my twin sister. It didn’t rain a lot here it just happened because it felt my arrival. Dakota and I had a game of Monopoly until we ended up arguing and getting sent to bed.

The holidays ended and Dakota and I went to our new school where on the first day we made enemies. We never did fit in. We started in year five and we were placed into separate classes. I had Mrs Rayner for my lessons and Dakota had Mrs Matthews. Mrs Rayner was a small lady with curl reddish brunette hair. She wore glasses and had a rounded face that came to a point at her chin.

Mrs Matthews was a very tall lady about six foot nine with neck length ginger hair. That was also a bit curl. There wasn’t any way to describe her apart from tall.

 I didn’t know much about Dakota in class but I did know she already started a fight because she was being called name and people mocked our accent. This made her angry. Making Dakota angry wasn’t hard. To be honest with you, I think she has anger issues. The people that pissed of Dakota end up in serious pain, I would say not whole because if it was a boy (which was a main problem for Dakota) they would end up with no balls but for a girl just damaged in many places such as their face of stomach. She hated boys that thought they were all that and tried to get your attention by being arses, she didn’t like the fact that they could get away with it and be... well them and get the girl in the end. Heck she didn’t go out with anyone.

  Weeks went by and we started to make friends. John, Becky, Sam, Alex and Callum. I spoke to soon about her not getting a boy friend the boy that ignored her and kept of her way and didn’t really talk to her asked her out and that was Callum. Callum has always been a good friend to me and was a little shy but was an amazing musician. He played guitar and sang.

The term ended and we went back to Northern Ireland to visit our family in Belfast. I didn’t want to go because I was unable to stay there forever but I went and tormented myself with what I wanted and what I couldn’t have.

The term ended and we had to go back to school where another fight broke out. We were in it.

Like I said before we have a lot of enemies because we don’t take shit from anyone.

Things started to get better because the year was finally coming to an end and I couldn’t wait because we were ready to go to Cyprus for a nice family vacation.

We left early in the morning and caught the plane hours later because the airport is miles away in London Luton. Everything is miles away because where we live is in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere.

I was excited about going away because me and Dakota could play and swim and get sun burnt and have an amazing time. The only down said is that we have an older sister called Caroline that loves to shop even though she was only thirteen. Time passed and we got older and by time we knew it Dakota and I was fifteen. But let’s get through my life so we are up to date.

While her and mum shopped all day dad, Dakota and myself stayed by the pool and got drenched.

The days went on and we went home and got bored waiting for the bell to go for the end of the day at school. Year six wasn’t so bad it just was a waste of time because we had to do all sorts of revision for SATs exams.  The tests were taken and the year ended in a blur and the holidays came and our enemies stayed close to the sidelines.

High school got worse than primary. It was like moving all over again. Not knowing anyone, and not making the best choice in friends.

Dakota and I stood together and were like a package deal. We had no friends from primary that came here, but hey, most of the boys did like Dakota, but she turned them all down because she didn’t like the look of them. She had an obsession with looking in their eyes and she thought that told her whether he was a nice person or not. I got a boyfriend even when I didn’t want one. His name was Carlisle. He had a thick black hair that curled at the end. It was cute.  Caring on with the school day, lunch flew by and we were soon sat in boring French. I didn’t mind French it was just that learning a second language wasn’t one of my priorities.

 The loud echoing ringing off the school bell trickled down the hall way signalling the end of the school day. Great I still had to go home.

 Dakota and I walked out with our mistaken friend towards the bus. As we sat on the bus I stared out of my window and seen the dark building they called a school and we called a prison. By we I mean Dakota and I and possibly some other random people who thought school was another name for hell.

Going back to us, I figured we weren’t popular because we looked alike and fought each other’s battles and got involved in each other’s war.

 Still staring out the bus window I looked closely at the dark building and seen the resemblance of the pretty school it was supposed to be. I have my reasons for not liking the school. I thought it was dark because I didn’t like it and didn’t even want to be here or anywhere near England.

 The little village were the school was set was made from old houses and had a scary broken abbey that was knocked down by King Henry the... oops I can’t remember. Rumour has it; the old building is haunted by a monk that rang the bell years and years ago. The body of the monk was found and was left at the top of the abbey. The bell rang everyday by itself.

Men came and cared for the body and one day when they came to cheek on it, it was missing its head and from that day the bell never rang and the door locked itself. Just recently the head was returned and the door unlocked itself and the bell rang again. The ghost of the monk still stays in the roof and can be saw by the chosen few. I just happen to believe it is haunted.

In the small village of Crowland it has had modification to it to make it popular to the young ones. Yeah right

The rest of the week went by and the typical best friend break up happened but it wasn’t so normal. We got fed up of her bossiness and her bitchiness that we told her we couldn’t be friends and then all hell broke out. The bitch tried to get us done for bulling and she also pointed her fat stubby fingers at Caroline, who had nothing to do with her messed up life.

Things got sorted and we never became friends again and then we became popular because we met nicer people that got scared away by the monobrow monster.

Monika was the first person we became close friends with. Monika is a fairly tall person with long wavy ginger hair, the next was Gemma she was round and had thin, strawberry blonde hair. She was small and stumpy.

 Then in year eight two new girls started that were sisters, and they became our friends. Amaya was the oldest at fourteen that meant she was supposed to be in year nine, but she wasn’t. Amaya had short, thin, black hair that was layered and had a fringe. Her and Amelia moved here from Malaysia and got called names a lot most of them were very racist.  But they only called them names because they were jealous they can afford to out of the U.K.  

Amelia was the youngest and she too had black thin hair with layers but hers was longer.  She and Amaya were both very pretty and very similar

The final person to make up the group was Lamia. She was about the same size as Monika and had thick really light brunette hair that was almost blonde with natural brunette strikes. The gang was complete and we had no idea that it would lead us to a magical kingdom and we all had awesome powers. This brings us up to today where life got weirder than what it already was. 

Dakota and I had just celebrated our 14TH birthday. It was the second day into term after May and it was our birthday and we invited the fabulous five over for dinner and a sleep over when I had a vision of what would come.

The End

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