Blood Rose, Prologue

Welcome into the world of Miss Raven Blackbrook. She's hoping to capture her rightful place as Head Vampyre, even if she was disowned by her mother and is actually part demon. With the help of a few friends and her demons, she's ready for her claim to the throne.


Darkness settled neatly at her paws, or rather claws. She sat and watched the dark shadows gather around her. A sinister smile was on her lips as she held her head down. She never really cared for these…other demons. She never cared to begin with. “It’s about time, you stupid, foolish thing,” she said, grinning.

The wind whispered to the left as they watched the demons as they had a stare down. The air itself stopped to watch the standoff, too. The brilliant moon shone down on the demons, as the stars shone dully against the light of the moon.

Aria, the first demon, was watching the other demon. She knew that this demon, Ghost, was a dangerous cat-demon that possessed power beyond Aria’s understandings. Aria was a black-haired wolf demon that had a nasty temperament. She was assigned to the Ghost-Case with her two friends, Melody and Ash.

Melody had sandy blonde hair with grey-blue eyes, while Ash had mousy brown-grey hair with dark blue eyes. Both of them had their muscles tensed, ready for anything. “You’re outnumbered, give up,” Melody snarled.

Ghost, a white haired cat demon, smirked. Her black tipped bangs were covering the hollow blue eyes of the demon. She looked through her bangs, directly at Aria. The same, cold, sinister look that the demon was well-known for was showing on her pale face. Glaring, she pushed her gaze onto Melody, then to Ash. “I may be outnumbered, but you are outmatched,” she replied coldly.

The wolf demon wasn’t sure what to do. She was put on this mission as an attempt to get rid of the powerful demon, but there was another reason hidden from Aria…

It was cold, frigidly so. Two men were walking side-by-side. One had dark brown hair that was styled to look like a mess, while the other had black hair and looked like he was just in a fight. They were walking pretty fast, but Aria kept a good pace on them.

“You know my wife, Heather, is pregnant for the third time right?” the fighter said. Aria knew it was Jag Blackbrook, one of the head demons.

“Is it your’s this time?” the other asked flatly. “No offense, but she’s kind of a-“

“I know. But this one is most certainly mine…” He seemed distressed, when the other man was about to ask about it, Jag went on. “I need something done though… Brook the Witch had a talk with me… She said that the faith of my child will cause troubles for everyone… She said that my daughter was symbolized with blood and ravens, ghosts and melodies, night and stone…and winter… I don’t understand…”

Aria had figured out pieces of the puzzle, but she wasn’t sure what it all meant. No one else knew, well Jag might, but she wasn’t going to go up to him after she spied on him all those months ago.

“You look confused, wolf,” said Ghost, her hollow eyes were rested on Aria. She was watching the wolf demon very closely, as if any mistake would cause a fight. Ghost was a careful one, she didn’t need to attack, her presence alone scared most other demons. There was a long, drawn out, but calculated pause. “You know, Aria, I can see your death. It’s pretty quick actually.” Ghost looked at Melody’s face for only a moment.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Ash snapped. “Aria’s a high ranking demon, she won’t be killed.” Ash had stayed quiet through most of the chatting, but Ghost’s comment struck him. He liked Aria, a lot, and hearing the ungrateful demon tell her of her death was simply disrespectful.

Ghost seemed like she didn’t hear him. “You die on the thirteenth of next month; on Friday the Thirteenth, actually, at three A.M. Witches Hour. Isn’t it great to know when you die, Aria? No need to thank me.”

Aria stared at her, miserable. She didn’t want to know when she was going to die; she actually didn’t talk about death to begin with… She bared her long canines at the cat. “You don’t know anything you useless cat!” She lunged at the demon with her claws unsheathed. Carelessly her claws raked Ghost’s face.

The cat demon touched her wound for a moment. “Is that all?” Ghost said. She looked at her crimson dipped fingers. “I thought you were feared.” There was no sarcasm, no anger, no emotion in her voice at all as she looked into Aria’s eyes.

Furious, Ash leapt and pushed the cat demon into the dirt and bared his teeth. He rested one of his hands on her throat. “I’ll kill you, you useless piece of fur.

Don’t hurt me! Aria heard in her head. She feared what would happen to Ghost, but she couldn’t control Ash, not in this state.

“Ash! Let her go!” Melody yelled as she pushed the demon off of Ghost. “We need her alive you moron!”

“Don’t call him a moron,” Aria snarled. She felt Ash’s and Melody’s gazes on her. “Grab the cat and let’s go,” she said, fuming with embarrassment and anger. She led the way, but she still felt their stares.

Ghost remained silent the entire way, as if she were contemplating her escape, but she wouldn’t risk her own health, would she? The white haired demon barely struggled, making everyone uneasy. She was too quiet and still, until Aria heard her in her mind again. Find the Blackbrook girl. The blood one, you need to protect her. I will help you, along with some others, but you more important to her. Protect her until she comes across the rest, she whispered before passing out.

Ash and Melody must have noticed that she passed out. Ash dropped her roughly on the ground. “Stupid, useless thing,” he hissed.

Aria turned and smacked him. A red imprint was on his cheek. “Leave her alone, she only passed out,” she said roughly. Her red eyes were narrowed as she faced the lower ranking demon. “As long as I am higher ranking, you will not harm Ghost.”

The two lower ranking demons looked at her fearfully and gasped. Ash pointed behind her.


“Tu-turn around, Aria,” Melody said frightfully. Her eyes were wide with shock and shone with fear.

Aria turned and saw a white haired demon with ice blue tips on her hair.

The new demon raised her arms in a fluid movement and captured Aria in a water whip-like thing. She was careful not to disrupt the water as she pushed Aria into a tree. Her black eyes watched Aria struggle, she was clearly amused at her strength and by the wolf demon struggling.

Ash lunged at the water demon and knocked her to the ground.

Freed, Aria pounced, more cat-like then wolf-like. Her prey, the water demon, was shocked and struggled before Aria landed on her.

Melody stayed beside Ghost, but she was ready to fight.

The water demon kicked Ash away, but she looked at Aria. “Find the blood brook girl. The Raven will guide you, find the one of night and the one of gem, then we will be complete. You have the spirit and you have the ice, find the gem and the night,” the demon said before fading away.

The End

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